Still relishin' the moment....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Reply Still relishin' the moment....
    OSU - Happy New YEar

    T'was a week after Christmas and all through the stands,
    Everybody was cheering, and clapping their hands.
    The talk had been spirited, setting the stage--
    A postseason battle was now set to wage.

    The Buckeyes were underdogs (based on the spread),
    But visions of victory danced in their heads.
    Ma in her jersey and I in my cap,
    Were set on the sofa to watch the first snap.

    I inched myself forward and tried not to cuss.
    I rose to my feet and I stomped on the ground,
    I grabbed the remote and turned off the sound.
    The sight wasn't pretty, my Bucks were behind,
    (What's worse, they were playing a team I maligned).

    Then what on the flickering screen did I see,
    But a great Buckeye offense and one awesome D.
    The QB was quick with an arm like a cannon,
    I knew in a moment it wasn't Belasari.

    With Vick-like scrambles and Montana-like aim,
    He guided his offense and called them by name.
    "To Jenkins, to Gamble, to Hartsock and to Vance,
    Run Ross, Run Hall, Run Clarett, first down"
    Hammer the middle and throw the long ball,
    Now down the field, down the field, down the field all.

    When e'er he felt pressure he scrambled away,
    And gave up not one single sack the whole day.
    He passed on the defense with quickness and speed
    (The way teachers in Ann Arbor pass kids who can't read).

    Like high powered bullets through a paper fence,
    We tore through that defense, like Buckeyes possessed.
    Tackles were broken and coverages blown,
    And next thing I knew, we were in the end zone.

    After winning the game for the scarlet and gray,
    Craig ran for the showers without looking away.
    But I heard him exclaim as he grinned in delight,
    "Merry Christmas Miami, we turned out your light."

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    (1/11/03 11:47:59 pm)
    Reply Re: Still relishin' the moment....
    Wife and I were at the game.One week later and it's now starting to soak in.Never been to a game like that before,pretty sure I won't again.The few Miami fans around me were taking $hit at the beginning of the game.Some,no most changed their tune at the half,some left shortly after.Man..what a game.Went out and bought a new VCR just to record it tomorrow.(Looking forward to reviewing some of the plays)
    Wanted to hit some of the gun stores in the area,just wasn't in the cards.Had a damn fine time though.Now onto NEXT season......

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    Reply Congratulations!...
    on be'in at the game. If you have a problem finding or making a copy of it let me know...Next Year ought to be the same only (I hope), not so many close games...
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