Stowaway to Europe

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    A young woman is on the brooklyn bridge, about to commit suicide. A sailor sees her as she is about to jump and shouts "Wait! Don't do it! I'm leaving on a ship to Europe. I'll sneak you on board so that you can come with me and start all over!"
    "Okay, I guess so" the woman says.
    So he sneaks her on board and stows her away. Every night he brings her food and they have sex all night long. This goes on for 3 weeks.
    One day, the captain stumbles across her in her hiding place. "What are you doing on board?" he demands.
    "Well, I have an agreement with one of your crewmen. He is taking me to Europe; every night he brings me food and then we screw."
    "You're certainly being screwed," said the captain, "this is the Staten Island Ferry!"
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