Strange, poor woman got nailed

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    This is a terrible story if this is true. Go to the link to see the x rays

    (Aug. 25) -- A 50-year-old Sri Lankan woman who worked as a maid for a large family in Saudi Arabia for five months was allegedly tortured by some of the family members hammering nails into her body, doctors said.

    The woman, who flew back to Colombo, Sri Lanka, from Riyadh on Saturday night, was brought to the hospital by her concerned children Monday. X-rays showed there were 23 nails embedded in her body.

    "Some of the nails were 2 inches long," Dr. Prabath Gajadeera of Kamburupitiya Base Hospital told AOL News today. "Most of the nails were embedded in her arms and legs. She didn't even realize how many were in there."

    AFP / Getty Images
    Sri Lankan housemaid L.T. Ariyawathi, left, who returned from Saudi Arabia with nails inside her body, talks to a nurse while receiving treatment at a hospital in Batticaloa on Wednesday. Ariyawathi alleged that her Saudi employer had tortured her and drove nails into her body as punishment.Gajadeera said the woman told doctors that the Saudi family allegedly tortured her with nails and threatened her life with knives during her employment with them.

    "She didn't speak their language and they didn't understand her," Gajadeera said. "But she kept saying 'Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka' and they realized she wanted to go home. So they brought her to the airport."

    Gajadeera said the woman did not say anything about the nails in her body at either the airport in Saudi Arabia when she was leaving nor when she arrived at the airport in Sri Lanka. The nails were apparently not detected by airport security devices, Gajadeera said.

    She told her children about her injuries after her arrival, and they took her to the hospital, he said.

    AFP / Getty Images
    The detail of an X-ray shows nails embedded in Ariyawathi's body.The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, who sent an envoy to the hospital to record her statement, plans to take action against the Saudi family who employed the woman and has informed the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh and the Saudi Embassy in Sri Lanka, the Daily News of Sri Lanka reported today.

    "The bureau will take every action to get maximum compensation from the employer for the inhumane treatment he and his family had inflicted on the maid by inserting nails in her body," said a bureau official identified as H. Batagoda.

    A Sri Lankan TV network, Newsfirst Sirasa, spoke to the woman, who showed its reporter the marks from the nails on her body. She said some of the nails had been heated prior to insertion.

    The woman, identified as Ariyawathi from the town of Matara, said there were many people in the Saudi household where she worked.

    "I had to work continuously since I had to do the chores of all the occupants, and when I wanted to take rest due to tiredness, they inserted the nail in my body as a punishment," she told Newsfirst.

    AFP / Getty Images
    This X-ray shows nails embedded into the woman's hand."I had to work from dawn to dusk. I hardly slept. They beat me and threatened to kill me and hide my body." She said she flew back to Sri Lanka at her own expense.

    "They were really devils with no mercy at all," she said, adding that she believes they tortured her because she did not speak their language.

    "I could not understand their orders and they were angry," she said.

    Gajadeera said the woman told him that the male head of the household inserted the nails and his wife helped him. He said the family's children threatened the woman with knives.

    Gajadeera said the woman had some pain while walking because of the embedded nails.

    "It was shocking to hear," Ayabilleke Da Silva, editor at the Sri Lanka Daily News who oversaw the story, told AOL News today. "Such tortures are not heard of in Sri Lanka. It's beyond our imagination and our belief."

    Saudi Arabia hosts more than 5.5 million foreign workers, many of them from Asian countries, and there have been reports for years that some of them are systematically mistreated with scant legal recourse.
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    Would this what it would be like in America if the Idiots in Congress submitted to Sharia law in America?

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    Hey, thats what I was thinking too.

    I can hear the excuses now,
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    try this for the excuse

    Filthy Kaffir , and stupid too even after we nailed her 10 times she still never learned to speak our language , she's too much trouble

    dump her at the airport and get a phillipino like i told you

    explain how kind and fair we are ..

    now be gone , i must spend time with my new wife before her 13th birthday party ...
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    as a side line its estimated that only 1/2 of those who work as domestic staff in Saudi actually get paid , the rest are cheated ripped off and Islam used to cover it up

    like ,

    She insulted the profit so we shipped her home the same day , its not my problem if she cannot sort her banking details


    She insulted my manhood ( she cryed while being raped) but i took the polite option as she is a guest in our country so i simple beat her and sent her home and made her pay for the waste of time on our part

    get the idea?
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