Strange things that deer do!

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by warpig, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Strange things that deer do!
    My betterhalf and I were sighting her 270. and one of my 30./06s this afternoon, and had been shooting for about a half hour. Had the targets set up at 100 yds and I was just getting up from the bench to let her shoot her 270., and a doe comes running out of the woods between us and the target into my hayfield and darn here comes another. Are they suicidal, or what? I know they were spooked but to come to a wide open field after half an hour doesn't make sense but then that is deer.

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    I have a friend that has a range on one of a large hayfield. And the deer regularly walk out on his field near the range while people are firing. Don't make sense to me!!

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    Once an animal gets used to the noise, they could care less. I live on a cattle farm, and can begin my practice while they are to the side of me or behind me, and they pay no attention, I might as well be a hundred miles away. They just look up and then continue eating.

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    I had a friend in Maine who bought a house on part of what used to be a small farm. It had an old apple orchard on it with 40 or 50 trees. The apples weren't very good, so he never picked them. In the fall, they'd drop to the ground, get a little rotten and ferment. The deer used to come at dawn and dusk, eat 'em and get drunk as skunks! We'd sit on his back porch and watch them stagger around. It was a hoot!

    One day a moose came, got drunk, staggered into an old storage shed, and knocked it down. Then he just stood there amidst the wreckage, looking very confused. His wife saw the whole thing thru the kitchen window, and laughed until she cried!
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