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    I looked into the face of God today
    And didn’t recognize Him. Nor He me.
    Has it really been that long? He knew my boyhood face.
    But I guess I look a lot different now. He did.
    Perhaps my wrinkles and graying hair made me indistinguishable.
    Sometimes I hardly recognize myself.
    Or could it be that He could see the inner me.
    The me that mortal men can’t see.
    Or maybe he opened the door to my soul
    And would take no blame nor recognition
    For what lies within that darkened hole.
    Oh, I’ve called His name in time of need
    And made some unkept promises
    But He understands. I think. I hope.
    I never really meant to deny Him.
    I just never did accept Him.
    But it’s awful hard to apologize to a stranger.
    Perhaps I’d best get reacquainted with Him.
    Life is so fleeting and I am so tired.
    And He’s the only thing I know beyond that.
    Hello God. Remember me?

    Larry Dunn

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    Ok Catch! and Hawk! after another after another of your poetry has grabbed me and made me feel!!!

    I don't have much left of this flesh bag to read any more...
    ...over at BrandX there are many that feel that the 2nd Amendment is the key or foundation for the others...

    ...I disagreed! It's the 1st Amendment write and worship. The Pen!!!

    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    First,,Catch,,abso-f---ing-lutley fantastic writting!!! Hope you keep posting this stuff

    homer,,thanks again for your kind words,,,

    as we all agreed before, ALL of the Bill of rights are linked together,,,with out any one of them, we would have none of them

    The words of writers are there to inspire, The right to bear arms is there to insure!!!

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    Have read many of your poems misterstan posted before
    you joined us. This one in particular, makes me sit up
    and take notice. Read it several times.

    The 70's, I believe you indicated it being written then, a time of turmoil, I don't think much thought was given to God or is it that as we get older, we pay closer attention to him and
    he becomes more important.

    Absolutely beautiful! Very Deep!


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    | Del Re: Strangers
    I love this! Since I read it often, thought I should put it
    on top, so I don't have to search for it everytime.

    Thank you Dreamcatcher....

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    | Del up again
    Good Deal Donna...a second look is always good Huh.