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    Sep 16, 2005
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    Just though i would share this with you guys, i was at the range the other day and saw the guiys using this stuff, so i went on the internet and checked it out.

    Check out the videos, they are pretty impressive. So i bought a can for 10 bucks and went to town on my friends abused, neglected taurus revolver. Now when i say negelcted, i really mean it, it has had probably 500 rounds through it of dirty reloads and he never cleaned it, so i though it was the perfect chance to test this stuff out. Well i just sprayed it, never scrubbed anything, and everything, EVERYTHING CAME OFF. I sprayed it through the barrel and the liquid coming out the other side was black, took a bore brush to it and the brush was clean. So i followed with a patch and the patch had hardly anything on it at all. Im very impressed in this stuff, it well worth the 10 bucks. :D