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    Feb 10, 2012
    "I weigh every round I reload on my digital scale. This is my final quality check and should avoid this ever happeing. It only takes a few minutes to do this."

    If your are relaoding range brass for a pistol with a charge weight of 5 gr. the differece in the brass weight between manufactures can mask the low powder charge. Most of my brass is Winchester but it is mixed with other brands that I have scrounged at the range. When I had a squib in a .40 last month I able to determine that the remainder of the Winchester cases I had loaded were at the correct charge with a scale but I also had 4 other types of brass in the mix and had to pull 2 dozen bullets because the weights were not consistant with the Win brass.

    BTW: To remove the bullet I wrapped the barrel in leather, clamped it in my bench vise and tapped the bullet out with the largest punch that would fit down the barrel. Since the bullet had only traveled 1/3 of the way I drove it back from the barrel end out the breach.
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    Squib load rod for pistols:

    Most of the big hardware stores sell brass rod. I prefer threaded brass rod. Brass is softer than steel and the threading makes it just a bit more malleable. 5/16ths OD threaded brass rod will work nicely for anything in the .36 caliber range up to .45 caliber. I presume it might work for .50 as well. But if I had a .50 anything, I'd probably get something closer to 7/16ths inch.

    I also have a 3/16ths for .22 caliber pistols.

    If you have to stick a bullet in a bore, lead bullets are easier to remove than jacketed.

    If the weapon is a revolver, hold the weapon by the barrel, not the frame. Frames can be bent 'just enough' easier than commonly thought.

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    I have only had 1 squib. .45ACP. 230g cast RN only goes a couple inches with just the primer. I have a 2 piece guide rod and thats what I used to push it back down. Now, that bullet, with a hex head indention in the nose, sits in plain site as I reload as a constant reminder. I charge, look, and then seat the bullet. Apparently I missed those first 2 steps.
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    The ones I have say "for pistol only" on the box...I wondered if they'd clear a longer barrel

    howlnmad you have one coming, you should have never mentioned it.
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    I have shot the super colibris from a .22 rifle, but the barrel has to be 19" or shorter. Theyll clear my 19" marlin 60 and my 19" rem 5 but not my dads or FILs 22" marlin 60s. they get stuck at the muzzle.
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    Im getting ready to load some rifle rounds. I check the cases w/ flashlight, twice, before seating the bullets.

    Not possible to double a good rifle load as most are 85% or more full of powder. Double will have powder running all over everything.
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