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    Been away for a while. Offline that is. I've been reviewing screenplays for Project Greenlight. It's a horrible thing, but I volunteered. Now that the first round is over and all the amateur little kiddies are wasted in the memories of the contest, the good ones have stepped forward. Good enough to step forward as the top 250 from 5,600+ entries. Naturally, none of the ones I reviewed are in the top 250. That's because they all SUCKED!

    Just wanted to pop back in and say "hey", hope everything is going well for all.

    Hails from Central MO!

    Now, to the real topic. Favorite or most realistic Vietnam Flicks! Post 'em here...

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    Re: Sucking the life from me...

    I'd have to let one of the others give a most accurate
    opinion on that one, but I would venture to guess that
    if a new production was made with the accuracy such
    as PVT Ryan was done, under the advise and direction
    of combat & re Viet Vets like some of the folks we have
    here, then I suppose it would meet the approval in
    general of the Vets themselves, as from what I hear,
    there really hasn't been a Viet flick that has had as
    close to 100% accuracy as the WWII Ryan movie.

    My guess is that the closest flick in part was probably

    Maybe some of the folks here will give you a better
    opinion on this.
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    Reply Re: Sucking the life from me...
    Hey FP ....

    If ya don't mind my askin' .... Whats Project Greenlight?

    Secondly .... Glad to see ya back in here once again ...

    From my viewpoint there are some pretty good movies out there that "attempt" to replicate the reality but to truly grasp the entire experience ... Ya just have to have been there.

    Platoon has some good points ....

    I tend to favor Full Metal Jacket ... But thats mainly because it is based on combat scenes "similiar" to what I experienced in Hue City. They even mention my outfit in that one ... 2/5 Marines.

    Apocolypse Now ... Rumors Of War ... The Boys In Company C ... We Were Soldiers ... Purple Hearts ... Siege At Firebase Gloria ... Just to mention a few ....

    Personally myself ... I like to drag out all the documentary type videos I have in my collection and look at the actual footage but I don't do that all that often cause sometimes it tends to get me pumped up if ya know what I mean ...

    Just my .02 worth which ain't much ...

    Have a good one sir!


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    I thought 'We Were Soldiers' was pretty good. I went to a private screening with a group of Vietnam Veterans. Some of them couldn't stay for the whole movie. One of the men lived it and he had to leave. It gave me goosebumbs. Most of the audience were in tears, the vets and their wives.


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    Reply Re: Sucking the life from me...
    SixT, Project Greenlight is a screenwriting/directing contest started by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck giving fledgling screenwriters (such as me) a doorway to the industry. The winning screenplay IS produced on a $1 million budget.

    As for flicks...from an unexperienced POV.

    Platoon and Full Metal Jacket. If nothing else, FMJ definately captured the thrill of Boot Camp.

    I wasn't impressed with We Were Soldiers. The combat was WAY overdone (too much of it) and not enough of the characters. The best and most tragic scene was when they went back to the base housing after everyone had left and had to deliver the telegrams. And it was only like 5 minutes long.



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