Suggestions Needed Regarding Auction Delivery Problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sck, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. sck

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    Oct 1, 2001
    Several weeks ago, I went to an auction outside of my state of residence. I'd contacted the auctioneer ahead of time and explained that I wasn't a dealer but bring a copy of my local dealer's licence. The auctioneer said there wouldn't be a problem and that he had a local dealer lined up to do the local background checks and mail the out of state stuff. So, I get there, get a bidding number and proceed to spend more than I intended. Then when I go to check out, I learn that the "fee" for shipping would be another $250 plus for postage. I had originally been told it would be $8 plus postage. Well, I paid and was told I'd have my guns in a week. It's now three weeks later and still no guns. I've called the jerk and he has one excuse after another. I worked in gun shops for over 40 years and know how hard it is to put guns in a box and mail them out. I've tried to contact the auctioneer and have had no response. At this point I'm open to suggestions, except avoid out of state auctions. Do I make the 600 mile trip and do a face to face with this guy? I still won't be able to pick up my guns. Call the local police? Yea, a out of state guy is really going to be received well there. Report them stolen with ATF? I have been denied my property, isn't that stolen? Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks -- Steve
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    Me personally, I would drive 600 miles if the amount of the guns was over say...300 bucks.....and if he stiffed ya, I'd beat 600 miles out of a gas surcharge but whipping

  3. stash247

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    Oct 18, 2003
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    While I would prefer to do a 'face to face' deal, with a 'non dealer', I have bought a gun or two from those in other states, with unique, and undervalued products; I have a local dealer, who will take them across his book, for $20, US, and this is an acceptable number, for me; I've paid what I consider exhorbitant freight charges, in the recent past,out of the notion by UPS, and others, that firearms must go at air/ next day delivery, rates, but these were not the seller's doing.
    A Swenson M-1911 pistol recently showed up at cost of nearly a grand, to my hands, out of a $750 selling price; a lot of 'frills' to be sure, but cheap, even after all of that, for the goods!
    Seller told me up front, about the freight, and 'handling', and I thought it a good deal, all considered, so bought, anyhow!
    Had you a friend, inthe state where you bought the arm, or lived in a contioguous state, the educational expense might have been less; but, dealing with an auction company is usually an expensive event,what with 'buyer's premium' charges, and all the rest; freight is just their idea of a 'final kiss', for money!
  4. 358 winchester

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    go back with your dealer and pick up your guns right then
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