Suppressed .22's

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    I'm thinking about purchasing a suppressed Ruger .22. I can't hunt with one in my state but I hear that they're usually quite accurate and easy on the ears ( I have lost the hearing in one ear, so this is of great concern to me). Question> How quiet is quiet? The decibel range is somewhat abstract to me. What could and intergrally suppressed .22 pistol be likened to? Thanks

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    libertyman777...not trying to be funny(well, not too much anyway)...A mosquito fart would come closest...Very Quiet!...

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    Advanced Armament makes a 10/22 silenced barrel. Look pretty nice. Here's their FAQs, which answer the question of how quiet it is, plus some handy laws for each state.

    The Siris suppressed pistol can silence any round (so it claims) b/c it reduces them all to subsonic speed. It has a wave file there that tells me the BB gun analogy is probably pretty accurate.

    I myself would opt for the 10/22 barrel, that way you can use the regular barrel if you should so choose (.22's are rather quiet) to have that extra velocity.

    Hope this helps


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    Reply How quiet is quiet...
    The action and impact make a louder noise than the muzzle blast with low power rounds.

    Reduces just under subsonics to BB gun noise level. Not the "adult" airguns, either. Im talking the Daisy BB especiale ala Walmart.

    Laws are reeeeaaaaaaalllly tricky about that sort of thing, too.

    LA has a tax, as well as fed registration.
    comes to about $300 for $9 in parts from Home Depot.

    Doesnt make sense to me, but alot of things dont when the feds are involved.
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