Suppressors - Legal Issues

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    Suppressors/moderator/silencers, are very easy to own here in the UK. Yes you need to apply for it on your license(F.A.C). This is one time where those silly little "Health and Safety" rules come in handy. Noise levels are reduced, not only for the user but for other people around you.
    We had one guy in my shooting club,who applied for a suppressor, the local firearms officer was being awkward with him. So he asked for a letter stating that they would not let him have a suppressor. When the firearms officer asked why, my friend said "simple, if my hearing or somebody else's gets damaged, I can hold you responsible", two days later, he was in his local gun shop, purchasing a T8 sound moderator.

    One guy I shoot with uses a .22 Martini Henry rifle, with a silencer and subsonic ammo, it's that quiet, the only thing you hear is the pin striking the cartridge. People at the range's always think it's a dud round in the chamber.

    You can own a pistol for "humane dispatch" if your a professional game keeper, some times limited to 2 or 3 rounds. Some Police forces are better than others at issuing these licenses. (section 5 firearm)
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