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(8/15/01 8:03:56 pm)
| Del All Suzy's Bar and Grill (On the lighter side)

I met her in a whorehouse in Saigon
A little place called Suzy’s Bar and Grill
And I knew I loved her when I saw her
Those almond eyes just gave my heart a thrill.

I bought her a dozen little drinkees
That someone said was “Saigon Tea”
And she told me "Don't mean nothing."
"Saigon Tea, Five Hunner P."

I went to Suzy’s Bar and Grill real often.
And I was wondering ‘bout my future bride.
‘Cause every time I opened up the front door.
She had some drunken sailor by her side.

I don’t know what “Saigon Tea” had in it
But I know my darlin’ loved to drink that stuff.
And I damn near had to get a dead horse
‘Cause my darlin’ just couldn’t get enough.

I really thought she felt the same way I did
But she didn’t understand too much, I’d allow.
And every time I whispered, “Let’s get married”
She said “Toi Khong Biet, You Dinky Dao.”

When I asked her what her name was she said “So Mot”
Which translated out to “Number One.”
And when I looked into my darlin’s pretty brown eyes
My heart told me that "So Mot" was the one.

I wondered if we’d ever get together,
For she hardly ever said a thing to me.
Just those little words she spoke so often
“Honey I ruv you. One more tea?"

Every day I saw this lovely beauty
And every day I fell for her some more
But there was always that damn sailor,
Every time I walked in through the door.

She said "No sweat, GI, he just "fren"
"So Mot" never drink his tea.
It made me feel a little better
Knowing she’d only take that stuff from me.

Then one day I knew she truly loved me
‘Cause she let me do the big "boom-boom"
And afterwards she didn’t even charge me
She just took a hundred for the room.

After that I knew that I’d found heaven.
Hanging out in Suzy’s Bar and Grill.
Buying “Saigon Tea” all evening
Wondering if this love was really real.

Then one day I got there kind of early,
Hoping she'd be waiting patiently.
But in she walked with that damn sailor,
and both of them were talking Vietnamee

“I love you boo coo,”
“You love me ti ti.”
“You buy me tee vee.”
“I give you vee dee.”

Well, to make the story shorter,
I fell out of love real quick.
'Cause I had to see the medic,
Things were happening to my ..uhh,

Well, me and my broken heart and all
Loaded up for a long, hard trip.
And Doc shot something in my rear
That he said should stop the drip.

Well I know that I ain’t stupid,
Maybe just a little slow
But I sure can learn a lesson
And there’s one thing that I know.

I ain’t buying no more Saigon Tea
And I ain’t never getting laid.
Let them sailors have them honeys.
(Till I get this dead horse paid.)


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(8/15/01 9:41:24 pm)
| Del Re: Suzy's Bar and Grill (On the lighter side)
Execellent 'Catch, excellent,,,,,

I think I remember that girl,,, she was short,,,long black hair,,spoke with an accent???

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(8/15/01 10:43:46 pm)
| Del Re: Suzy's Bar and Grill (On the lighter side)
Pssssst! Hey dreamcatcher,

When nobody's looking, I'll tell you what Mitherstan said
when he posted this poem before you became a member.

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(8/16/01 5:56:16 pm)
| Del Suzy's Bar and Grille
Just found this Catch Buddy! I think it's Great!!! Hehe!, what a tongue in cheek peek. You are a corker my friend! Ahhh! Me!

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(8/19/01 10:28:25 am)
| Del Re: Suzy's Bar and Grille
Yeah! Great poem, Larry D! Loved it!


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(8/20/01 10:44:37 am)
| Del Re: Suzy's Bar and Grille

Great poem! It tells it like it, was.

Donna, that's why they call it a SECRET, so you don't go around telling everybody else... (LOL)


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(8/20/01 8:29:35 pm)
| Del Re: Suzy's Bar and Grille

I didn't tell the secret..............yet! lol!

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Welcome on board Mike....Dang, that navy poem posted back almost 10 years ago...Lots of those old troopers moved on and still I linger here like a 'wet dream'!!!! Naw, I've not composed any poems of late...does ENNIE, MEANIE, MINNIE, MOE count as a poem...I did that this morning as I had a choice of 4 sticky buns to have with my coffee...Where are you Mike...this is your first time....WOW, A VIRGIN!!!! Go ahead Mike, swear at me, but meant no harm...occasionally on here we pick on the President and his Czars...Give us a shot!! Chief
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