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(12/15/01 12:29:05 pm)
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I bought a SVT-40 in the summer. It came with a cheap B-square mount and a chinese scope. The B-square mount fell apart and the chinese scope is ugly. Does anyone know where to get a good solid mount and a 3.5 scope for it. I saw a guy selling a SVT-40 at an auction with a Tapco mount and a PU scope so i know they're out there. I asked him if he would sell the scope and mount seperately but he said no.

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(12/15/01 12:33:46 pm)
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Re: SVT-40 Question
Tapco has a website:

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(12/15/01 1:19:57 pm)
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Tapco's web address:

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(12/15/01 1:24:39 pm)
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priefca, the correct & original PU scope for the SVT varies from the m91/30 PU by numbering, and date only. The SVT PU is marked by a star over a hammer & cicle over an oval, and dated 1941r - 42, whereas the 91/30 is marked "M91/30" and usually 1943r and later. The original scopes and mounts with the slides for the SVT rails will run about 600 USD when they can be found. Finnbear was the last guy I've talked to who had a very limited supply, (I think 5), but you may know, he died recently, and I think his daughter and wife are trying to run his business (Finnbear International). The only after market mounts that I am aware of, are the B-Square mounts. Having never had one myself, don't know how good they are, but I've never heard anyone say that they wern't useable. The PU scopes for 91/30 are sold fairly regularly 150 to 200 USD depending on condition. I have bought 4 91/30 pu scopes, and 2 were SVT's, and the sellers didn't know when they sold them, so there are probally quite a few out there, being called 91/30's. I have heard of mounts that didn't work well, both original and aftemarket. Usually, the problem has been determined to be, the milled slots in the receiver being improperly done, rather than the mount itself.

Hope this Helps

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(12/28/01 10:24:48 pm)
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Be careful

There is a bunch of Estonian forgeries brought back to this country by Finnbear. If you believe the mount is correct and the receiver is wrong you are very gullible. When these SVTs were made there was a lot of quality control that went into them.
Someone from Sarco told me that they bought a bunch of the forgeries from Finnbear and made up SVT-40 snipers with them a while back. A buddy of mine bought one and the mount is crappy and will not zero.

Watch out guys
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