SVT ? Tell me about them

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    Last gun show I went to, I saw An old milsurp looking rifle that I think was called an SVT. I know nothing about them and I don't recall ever seeing anyone talk about them on this forum. Just curious. The one I saw had a price of $1200 on it.
    Isn't this a Russian made rifle? If it is, I was wondering why it would be so expensive compared to the Mosin-Nagent M-44's and 91/30's that I see for sale fairly cheaply. What is it that makes them so much more desirable?
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    A stand alone rifle for $1200 is a bit steep. It would have to be mint++. Maybe with some extras like spare magazines and pouch or bayonet.

    I gave $350 for mine and found the accessories later one at a time. I think that was in '98.


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    They were only produced 41-45, issued to NCOs and designated snipers. They were great prize weapons when captured by the Germans. What few survived got passed out as aid to VietNam, Syria, Iraq, Cuba and other places that Ivan wanted to equip, but not with the up to date AKs and Dragunovs. Few have been imported to the US. I suspect that they are ineligible for import now.

    The ones I have seen recently run from $600 to about $800 just the rifle. Original magazines run $125 and up, Bayonets $300-$400 depending on whether the bayonet is edge up or edge down. A complete setup, rifle, sling, magazine, bayonet, tool and cleaning kit will bring $1200 easily, toss in an original scope and mount (41 and 42 production only) You can get to the $1600 level easily.

    They are fun to shoot, and when you have the gas valve properly adjusted for your ammo and keep it clean, they are very reliable, and fairly accurate. Most have low budget hardwood stocks, and aren't very pretty, but as is typical of Russian arms, they are almost soldier-proof. (the muzzle brake makes them very noisy too, they get everybody's attention when you go to the range)
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    And they have a fluted keep it clean!!!
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