T/C Firestorm .50cal

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    I just bought a T/C Firestorm .50 cal flintlock at *************. (delivered $235) It's in excellent condtion. I just took it out of the box. I was wondering if anyone could recomend load/patch, or anything else about this gun. I plan on trying .490 round ball with different patches and working up the charge from 75 2f Goex BP. I'll figure out what's best, but advice can be a welcome shortcut too. I'm curious about conicals. Thanks for the help!

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    The barel twist is to fast for round balls in newer Firestorms.
    I'd try conicals or maxi-balls - and start at 70 to 75 grains of FFG and work from there. Every BP gun will have a bullet and load that works best in your particular gun - it takes lots of range time testing cleaning and documenting your load to learn what works and what does not.

    Good Luck.

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    Have owned several T/C BP rifles - they all seemed to prefer the 365 - 385 gr conicals with about 90 gr FFG bp and a musket cap for ignition.
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