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Has anyone out there have or used the Tasco Optima dot sight? I just put one on layaway at my gun shot it was a demo model and since Tasco went out of business they put it on clearance for 40 bucks. I snapped it up for that price as I know they were around $275.00 new when they first came out then I think they lowered the price to around $175.00 I will pick it up on Tue. or Wed. I want to put it on my Ballester Molina. I might have to modify a 1911 base to make it fit but for 40 bucks I am not complaining and since I know they went out of business if it goes bad at least I bought it with eyes open and did not take a hit like the guys that might have bought one at the regular price. Jim

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(1/5/03 9:19:31 am)
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Go to the auctions sites Ebay, AA, and GB.
In search type in Optima and you will usually have a selection of bases to choose from for about $20 or so. Not much use for the bases now that Tasco closed.
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