tasco scope for 10/22

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    Reply tasco scope for 10/22
    Hi all, totally new to shooting and to this amazing forum!

    Took the plunge into the shooting world, bought a 10/22.
    Hope I did the right thing.... I found a scope, tasco "Varmint" model 2.5-10 x 42. Is this a decent scope, and will there be a problem down the road (I heard tasco went out of business).

    I also would like an instruction manual, or advice since I don't really know how to use a scope properly!

    I can hear you guys all the way up here...(What a newbie!) but hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: tasco scope for 10/22
    Welcome green275, THat big scope will really make a shooter out of that gun

    What questions specifically do you have? Is the scope already mounted on the gun?

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    Yes, (by now) that scope is on.
    I see the magnification adjustment on one end, and range adjustment on the other end,... is that all there is to it? (Hopefully that scope can make a shooter out of ME!)

    The gun is already customized quite a bit, so there is not too much I need to do to it.

    It has: Butler creek 20" fluted barrel, thumbhole silhouette stock, and I am having the trigger group worked over, on the advice of a friend who says that is a must. From the posts here, I have decided to also get the quick bolt release (the stock one IS a bit fiddly), and the extended mag release.
    Anything else I should consider?