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(8/1/01 8:28:47 pm)
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Own two, 357mag ( 608 ) 44mag ( Raging Bull ). Love them both. Wife shoots the 357 when we go to the range. She usually puts 400rds to 800rds down range every time we go. If she can see it, she can hit it. I tried to trade it once for a Ruger Blackhawk. Thought she was going to kill me, she gave me the money to buy the other weapon. have only had one problem, had to take it to a gunsmith, shooting funny. Fixed the problem, cost me $ 20 to fix. Gunsmith said my wife shoots to much. As for the 44mag, I'll shoot anywhere from 200rds to 300rds at the range at a time. Have had NO PROBLEMS with that one. So i figure that I have put about 12000 + rounds through the weapons since I bought them. So IMHO I think Taurus is a well made weapon. Just my .02 .

agent mango
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(8/1/01 8:38:13 pm)
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Just to reply with something a little off topic.

I truly love consumer feedback. A large amount of it from at least a moderately intelligent, experienced consumer base is very useful in choosing what to buy, whatever it is!

Of course there is the inherent problem that the less mainstream choices have not been used by as many people, and you cannot go on only one person's account.

Well anyway, thanks for posting that loader44.

Hunts Dad
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(9/10/01 2:15:10 pm)
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i also have a taurus 357 mine is the 605 model. i was having some problems with mine also. i was like your wife putting several (200 + ) rounds a week. i was told after having to have a spring replaced and a small burr ground off the cylinder advancing mechanism that i need to start usuing .38 for general shooting and 357 for carring. i am not fond of having to do this but if it will prolong the life of the weopon i will have to do this.

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(9/11/01 12:19:22 am)
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Howdy, Hunts Dad -

Welcome to the forums - hope you'll join us Miscreants in the mayhem created hereabouts!
Keep below the ridgeline!
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