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Ok my brother asked me to look at his 38spl.
He said he knows it has a screw missing, but the cylinder lock never ingages.
The missing screw I know holds the cylenders in when you open it to reload.

But it would not cause the lock to stop working would it.?
I checked the exploded view on tauras's web site, and it shows a pin and a spring with the screw thats missing.
And every thing is there, as far as the lock go's.

Here ar some picks of the problum.
the hamer in cocked and uncocked, If ya look the lock is not working. the cylenders will just spin in eather position.

thanks for the help.


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Whoever took out the cylinder and crane not only lost the sideplate screw but also the cylinder stop plunger and spring. If you open the cylinder and pull out the crane, you will see that the bottom crane arbor has a center hole in it. In that hole there should be a plunger and spring that tension the cylinder stop. I can tell from the pictures that the plunger is missing. So you need to order three parts, the sideplate screw, the cylinder stop plunger and cylinder stop plunger spring. The latter two parts come together.

Try The cost will be around $10 for all three parts.

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