Taurus Model 72???

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    Reply Taurus Model 72???
    Is anyone shooting a Taurus Model 72 Rifle w/Tang Sight?

    What is the accuracy and what do you think of the fit & finish?

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    Reply Taurus M72
    Yup, I just took ownership of a stainless Taurus M72 23" bbl. No tang site as I wanted to add my own marble type. I've yet to install the tang.
    So far I've put PMC 40 gr soft point and Win 40 gr FMJ thru it with great results. No problems at all in respect to feeding or ejecting. Very accurate with open sights off a bench. It takes down as advertised.
    I intend to scope it soon. ( I know, it isn't made to be scoped) then I'll be able to post actual accuracy results.
    One thing I can tell you for sure: This rifle is SO MUCH FUN! My GF and I love shooting steel "spinner" targets with it. IMO, its a keeper.

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    Reply Taurus M72
    Forgot to add:
    The fit of wood to metal is impressive. very tight, all edges are flush and lever with the wood. No tool marks visable and the finish on the stainless is uniform and bright.

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    Reply M72 (updated, pics added)
    I just found a Leoupold M8 2.5 x 28 EER scout scope on CDNN's website for $199.95. This is going on the M72 as soon as it arrives. Then we'll see what kind of ammo this rifle likes and print some nice groups with it. Will update with accuracy results then.

    Edited to add:
    Mounted the M8 2.5X on the Taurus last night. I used the Taurus factory scope mount. Very easy to install, almost idiot-proof. The price quoted on taurususa.com is high, look around for a better price or check B-square.com
    I couldn't find any Leupold low rings locally so I went with a
    set of 1" weaver Tasco low rings I had kicking around. Worked like a charm. Everything matches color wise. The addition of the scope didn't throw off the balance of the rifle, but some folks would say the "lines" of the gun have been altered.
    The eye relief is perfect, and it still has room for adjustment in case another shooter needs more or less. This is also important in case I wear a heavy jacket as this increases the measurement from eye to scope.
    Very easy little gun to scope and a handy little take down rifle for the money.
    I'm headed to the range after work today, unfortunatly its only a 25ft indoor range. I'm expecting this little plinker to punch one hole groups.

    OK, its finished. The Loopie was a cinch to mount, nothing to it. Because the scope is mounted to the barrel, vice the receiver, it was "on the paper" without any hassles.
    This little plinker will make one hole all day long and the scout scope set up (my first) offers very fast target acquisition (both eyes open.)
    If your looking for a pump rimfire or WRM this is a great choice.

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    Re: M72 (updated, pics added)
    Nice cal, I was thinking about getting one!
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