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    Here is a rather frightening notice from GOA Alerts today that I think should be responded to strongly by all of you who take part in TFF.


    The Feds Want To Teach Gun Control

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

    Tuesday, August 26, 2003

    With Labor Day just around the corner, millions of kids will be
    heading back to school. But whether you realize it or not, what
    they may be taught could have a tremendously negative impact upon
    your gun rights.

    H.R. 1078, introduced by Rep. Roger Wicker (R-MS), would set up
    Presidential Academies to train educators in teaching civics and
    history. That certainly sounds innocuous enough. What's the
    problem with that?

    The problem is that by further centralizing the training process for
    teachers, radical educators will find it much easier to excise
    Second Amendment rights and other important principles from this
    nation's classrooms.

    The Feds have already imposed curriculum standards on the nation's
    government schools with previous legislation. The result was the
    publication of "guidelines" which are reflected in an anti-gun
    textbook called We the People.

    The guidelines and We the People are so busy teaching
    multiculturalism and environmentalism that they have no time for
    teaching the Tenth Amendment, which severely limits what the federal
    government can do.

    Is that a surprise to anyone? If kids are never taught there are
    limits to the federal government's power, then we shouldn't be
    surprised when tomorrow's leaders don't have problems passing gun
    control legislation.

    We the People does mention the Second Amendment in the section on
    historical development. But it gets the student to start
    questioning the wisdom of the amendment, asking the student whether
    the right to keep and bear arms is still as "important today" as it
    was in the eighteenth century and to decide what "limitations"
    should be placed on the right.

    It's bad enough that the major news media, along with TV shows and
    movies, present a one-sided view of the right to keep and bear
    arms. Kids growing up today are bombarded with anti-gun sentiments
    and viewpoints, with few facts and little information to the

    It has often been said that today's children are the leaders of
    tomorrow. One trembles in considering the perspectives these future
    leaders will hold when it comes to the Bill of Rights and,
    specifically, the Second Amendment.

    Anti-gun propaganda has already taken root in much of our nation's
    curriculum. But rather than reversing this process, H.R. 1078
    writes a blank check so that teachers can be trained in the "key
    events, key persons, key ideas and key documents that shaped the
    institutions and democratic heritage of the United States." Right
    away, we are in trouble, because America was not founded as a
    democracy, but as a constitutional republic.

    The reason our firearms freedoms are supposed to be secure is that
    a fifty percent vote of citizens, legislators or judges cannot do
    away with them. If the U.S. were a pure democracy, our liberties
    would only be secure as long as a majority of the people were in

    There is no doubt that as control over education becomes more and
    more federalized, the ideas which children are learning become more
    and more radical. This agenda has already been seeping into
    curriculum standards for years. But if H.R. 1078 passes, radical
    educators will begin instructing teachers in a soon-to-be-funded
    Presidential Academy.

    While H.R. 1078 is currently in the Select Education Subcommittee,
    its companion bill (S. 504) has already passed the Senate. But with
    your help, we can protect our rights by protecting our children's
    education. Let's keep H.R. 1078 from passing.

    ACTION: Please urge your Representative to oppose H.R. 1078, a bill
    which will contribute in dumbing down the next generation of
    Americans -- at least as far as our constitutional rights are
    concerned. You can contact your Representative by visiting the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at Send Your LETTER
    to send him or her a pre-written e-mail message.
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