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An Important Tip for Remington 742/740/7400/4 Shooters
If you hunt in damp or wet climates (and who doesnt), please make sure you periodically remove the forend and clean the action tube and spring. It's an extremely good idea to take the rifle into the shop after each season and have it detail stripped and cleaned, including removal of the action spring. Over the years, particularly if the spring is allowed to rust, it will take a 'set' and no longer have adequate tension to oppose the rearward thrust of the piston. This results in the bolt slamming forcefully into the rear of its travel and actually causing the locking lugs to score the raceway in the receiver. Jams it up tighter than a penguins butt sitting on a lemon!

Just got through with the second of these in the past month. This last one had a rusted action spring almost a full inch shorter than it should be. Luckily, I was able to avoid replacing the bolt so the repair cost was under $100, but it was absolutely preventable with proper maintenance.
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