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Remington Nylon 66
This gun can be a nightmare to put back together if you dont know the tricks. I cant even guess how many gun-in-the-bag Nylons I've reassembled over the years. heheheheh..

The big trick is the feedthroat. It MUST be installed from the bottom of the stock. The rear tip is pushed up first and held in place while the front end of the feedthroat is pushed up into its mortise in the stock. HOWEVER, there is just no danged way to hold that rear tip in place during this process! The part is way too slick to hold with needlenose, etc.... Seen many a 'smith cussing and spitting over this one. JB Wood's Assembly/Disassembly book shows him holding it with a pin punch (HA!)...

I can do it in 10 seconds, every time, with a very low-tech solution. Use the eraser end of a long pencil. It has enough grip to hold that feedthroat steady and in place. Remember to invert the gun immediately to keep it in place until the cartridge stop and spring are installed though....

There are some other tricks involving the disconnector, sear and trigger...

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