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Tech Tip - Winchester Model 1400 shotguns
The trigger group of the Model 1400/140 series shotguns are held in place at the rear by one cross pin. The front of the trigger group is placed into a mortise in the plastic feedthroat at the mouth of the magazine tube.

Excessive and/or incorrect removal and replacement of the trigger group can cause the plastic feedthroat to chip or crack. Eventually, this wear will allow the forward arms of the sideplate(s) to spread, which in turn prevents the shell stops from working correctly, and you get double-feeds from the magazine.

This repair is relatively simple, but time consuming as the magazine tube is splined in place and must be driven rearward into the receiver to replace the feedthroat. Older Model 1400 shotguns, particularly 16ga and 20ga guns, use a specific one-piece feedthroat that is no longer available from any source. These guns cannot be retrofitted with the newer 2-piece feedthroat, so finding the replacement part is a problem. I have only two 20ga and one 16ga feedthroats left, which is probably more than anyone else in the country.

If you have the one-piece feedthroat in your Model 1400, take care in how you remove the trigger group. With the hammer cocked (empty gun), remove the cross pin at the rear of the receiver, then lift the rear of the trigger group up and slide it rearward out of its mortise in the feedthroat. Installation is the reverse - the front of the trigger group is inserted at a downward angle and then moved forward while the trigger groups is rotated into place. It should not be necessary to force this part into alignment for the rear crosspin.
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