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    This is another thing that trips my trigger. I don't get angry easily, but this is a subject that can cause bad language come out of me.
    Yikes the Spikes! Still Have Doubts?
    By Ted Lang © 2003
    It’s been an interesting few weeks. Some monumental court proceedings and criminal investigations have transpired, and most noteworthy was their quiet passing and the insignificance accorded them in the mighty, left-wing, New York Times-led, corporate mainstream establishment media. Obviously by their insignificance, these happenings are major news events our Marxist media elites have spiked and suppressed.

    That’s the advantage of the Internet. More and more people are discovering that if you want real news, the last place to go is the mainstream press and media, which of course as has been pointed out many times in this space, is led by the socialist New York Times. Having all the printing presses and all the ink are no longer a factor.

    Two court cases, mentioned in a previous column, need not be repeated here in depth, but must again be noted. Ongoing lawsuits by the parents of two boys in different states who are suing the Boy Scouts of America because of separate instances of homosexual rape by older boys is very significant because both elements of the left-wing that are dependent upon the destruction of religion and the family in America, namely the media and the homosexual-sodomite movement, have always advocated infesting the Boy Scouts with homosexual leaders. These cases typify the harm that can be done, and now the Scouts are being sued!

    They are not being sued for their official position as regards refusing putting homosexuals in leadership positions, but for the improper handling and reporting of the homosexual rapes. The Scouts were embarrassed and afraid of bad publicity, and just like American presidents, or the FBI or CIA, tried to cover up these incidents instead of quickly reporting them to both parents and authorities. Of course, their shame and fear of publicity are no excuse. Their tardiness in coming forward just serves to demonstrate the Boy Scout’s justified revulsion for such homosexually induced events.

    This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Boy Scouts refusal to cave in to the politically communist correctness and whining of liberals is more than justified. Homosexual Boy Scout leaders should not have authority over younger boys while away from home. Look at what has happened to the Catholic Church. And look at the revulsion and hatred it created in a fellow prison inmate, who himself had a history of sexual abuse in his youth. He murdered former priest Geoghan because of this seething, festering hatred. Clearly, these cases would not help the communist causes of atheism, homosexuality and the destruction of the family.

    And then following those two cases, there was that massive scandal at the United Way, that charitable organization that has been the greatest mobilizer of public opinion against the Scouts. It has been the United Way that has constantly attacked and disqualified the Scouts as one of their beneficiaries for charitable giving continuously all across the nation. How does the United Way look after throwing stones from their glass house at the imaginary one they created for the Scouts? Recall reading about this or seeing much about this on TV news other than for a brief segment on Fox’s O’Reilly? Another important story spiked for the collectivist cause!

    How about the monumental case where the IRS Gestapo tried to jail a 58 year-old woman for 30 years because they consistently refused to answer her simple questions and letters? She wrote to them over an extended period of time and they consistently and summarily ignored her. Can you believe the arrogance in these despotic, banana republic tactics and of the tyrannical federal prosecutor who tried to force this woman to live out the remainder of her life in the gulag?

    If you still have any doubts about the totally unprofessional demeanor and socialist agenda of the media relative to their actions, or should I say inactions, I have just one question for you. Why?


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