tell me about chronographs!

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    bought a shooting chrony beta master chronograph.anyone have any experience with this unit,compared to oehler,pact etc?

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    I've had the chrony for about a year, now. First chrono I didn't build myself, and I'm pleased, except for one thing. The screens get pretty dirty pretty fast when shooting blackpowder at 10 feet. Open up the distance to about 12-15 feet and adjust your math to compensate. Other than that,,,,,it works.

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    I've had the Chrony, the Pact PC2 and the Oehler 35.

    All work well within the established parameters with proper setup. The only drawback I had with the Chrony was lo-light conditions. Usually didn't want to work in the early mornings until the sun had gained some strength around midmorning. The Pact and Chrony are sensitive to excess light directly on the sensors. The Oehler has 3 screens/sensors at 2' spacings and give the most accurate and dependable readings. On the other hand, the Oehler is sort of a pain to get set up, whereas the Chrony and Pact are fairly easy. Also, the muzzle blast of the shooter next to me could cause the Pact to register erroneous readings.
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