Tell me bout it... :Tula sks 1953

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  1. WarSteed

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    Mar 6, 2007
    i just bought my first rifle a couple days ago for 175 bucks. A 1953 Russian sks, assuming it's a Tula sks as it has a star with an arrow on the bolt cover.

    The person i bought it from used to be a gun dealer before he turned cop on us.:D The story is that the sks was found in 1957 in a North Korean cave among other weapons, appeared that none of them had ever been fired.

    I'd like to learn as much as possible about this specific rifle. I was told it was arsenal, but i'm leaning toward an unused refurbished rifle. Mostly because of the following things, the serial numbers on the magazine cover don't match the rest of the numbers, the bolt is black, and there's electro etching on three pieces (the magazine cover, the gas piston, the gas cylinder.) However, it looks like very few rounds have ever gone through this thing, all the other parts have matching stamped serial numbers, and i've read somewheres that refurbished rifles have a box with an r in it on the bolt cover (this one doesn't).

    Anyways, i leave it up to you gentleman to tell me if my 175 bucks was well spent on a collectors item, or plinking toy/deer rifle. ;)

    The disassembled rifle, not shown is the oil can which was reportedly found with the rifle

    Now i'm assuming this is a tula made sks, on the bolt cover it has a star with an arrow inside it, below that it has a capital Z, below that it says 1953r (r for refurbished?)

    You can see on the magazine housing where the original serial number has a slash through it and the "matching serial number" was electro etched above it. You know..because that single slash means that we now can't see that it isn't a matching part so that electro etch MUST mean that it's really the matching part... :D

    Good God it's a pretty gun, only a couple tiny blemishes on the right side of the stock. Now if it's made in 1953, is that the right bayonet that goes with it? I thought i had heard that certain years there were a different type of pig sticker on those things.

    You can see the electro etching on the gas assembly, are they even suppossed to have this?

    speaking of gas...

    As you can see, not even the sling has a stain on it, it's still stiff from not being used.

    Another view of that magazine cover

    And there she is! My sks!
    So my questions:
    Is it what i think it is? An unused refurbished 1953 Tula sks?
    Was it a 175 dollars well spent? (how much is it really worth?)

    Items of note:
    ~Bolt is black
    ~electro etching on three items.
    ~all serial numbers match except for the magazine cover.
    ~it's had such a lack of use that when flipped the bolt cover release it scratched the paint.
    ~It has seen a little use it looks like, but it looks like only a few rounds.
    ~Reciever is milled, not stamped.
    ~still has it's tool kit, and oil can
    ~Serial number is n(backwards) m805
    ~on the right hand side of the upper receiver it says: Sks 7.62/39 CDI Swan, VT. Made in Russia. CCCP42327
    ~On the bolt cover it has a star with an arrow inside it. A "Z" below it, and 1953r below that.

    Aight! So tell me the rest of the story on this rifle!~
  2. southernshooter

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Deep South Mississippi

  3. Eric Bowers

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    Jul 18, 2009
    im wondering why your bolt is black and your bayonet is not.The black bolt means the rifle has been refurbished. It should have either a triangle or a square with a line through it close to the year on the receiver cover. The refurbishing mark. Its well worth 175 dollars. I have a couple russians myself,some all original some have aftermarket parts. i recently purchased a 51 tula like yours for 300 dollars. i dont think the r means refurbished i believe it means russian the refurb marking would be on receiver. yours has a nice laminated stock but looks like a type 54 stock ishmash not tula but not possitive. well worth 175
  4. Eric Bowers

    Eric Bowers New Member

    Jul 18, 2009
    i would like to see a pic of the receiver cover [top] and the side of the receiver
  5. marcodelat

    marcodelat Member

    Mar 21, 2009
    You got yourself a REALLY GREAT DEAL on this one!

    Go here to find out all about just how great a deal and all kinds of other information on this fine rifle:

    Might want to start off by linking your post here (these guys like we all do, LOVE pics of course - especially great ones like these) in the Russian forum over there at Survivor's

    Great bunch of guys there - many of whom I GUARANTEE WILL be jealous of your find! :)

    A LOT of knowledge, information and help available there on / about the SKS.

    You can tell 'em marcodelat sent 'ya over... tell 'em you know "Gator" too.

    NOTE: Before posting I had not noticed that this thread was posted / started by the OP more than two years ago! Never mind...
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