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    Here is an item that I felt very apropos to today's world. It is so very TRUE that it is terrifying. Well worth the read...... It comes from the Christian World View.


    The Liberal left’s Ten Commandments:
    By Dr. David M. Berman

    Here we are in the twenty first century having fought to gain our independence from England and two world wars to free the oppressed in Europe. We have endured civil war and natural disasters, economic ups and downs, and yet we have now come to the place where fundamental principles are crashing down.

    One of our most fundamental rights is the first amendment of the Constitution. Let’s look at the time when it was written. The world was not a place of free speech and ideas. In many places it was considered treason even to speak against the elitist royalty (and still so today). Governments in Europe were not interested in differing political or religious views and therefore those who spoke out words deemed “dangerous” were dealt with promptly and forcefully. When we think of the first amendment we must understand how revolutionary it was. After all, who did these commoners think they were to have such ideas? The first amendment to the Constitution was not something that appeared out of thin air. It was the results of a mindset that developed over time here in the colonies. In fact the whole philosophical position on the original intent of the Constitution developed over time as our founders came to a great understanding of their God given rights. John Quincy Adams said:

    “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this; it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity”

    Due to the principles of the Christian worldview this nation has thrived. Principles of free enterprise, freedom of association, and freedom of religious and political speech etc. have long made this nation the envy of the world. The Soviets had to have a wall to keep people from leaving their Godless, oppressive system. Conversely we may need a wall to keep too many people from coming here illegally because this nation, built on the principles of Christianity is the place that all people groups long to come to. Here you can live free, here you can own property, here you can practice your religion, and here you can speak freely your political and religious views……or can you?

    The new bill in congress passed by the liberal elitist called "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007," is the most disturbing violation of freedom in a long line of government usurpations of Constitutional liberty. This bill makes it a crime to bring emotional harm to a homosexual. That means that any homosexual can claim that a hate crime has been committed against them if for example a person is speaking out against homosexuality. This is insanity! What the liberals do not get is that once you ban one person’s right to speak out you are opening the door to ban others political and religious speech. I mean…come on now! This is basic Constitutional principles that I learned in fourth grade. Do we really want to stop people from offending someone? Do we really want to live in fear that our words may be a violation of law? The thought police are on the move and coming for a performance near you. I made the following statement in my book “Wake up and smell the truth”

    “I do not like when people say what I consider to be hateful things about me. I am not happy to hear the names I am called by the “peace loving” liberals. Having said that, I believe they have the right to think what they want and to express their thoughts without fear of punishment from government, even if they say that they hate me because I am a Christian. The line is drawn on their actions. They may not do anything to violate my right to be protected by the law”

    If we are honest about it, the people who are most maligned in the pop culture today are Christians. The left loves to portray itself as kind and compassionate and yet they are the meanest and most vicious people in America. They will cut you down personally if you disagree with them, and lie about you over and over. I have been on the end of their lies numerous times. The left is constantly speaking against Christians and guess what…they have a right to. I also as a Christian have a right to speak against or for whatever I want to. The idea that free speech is limited to political and religious discourse that will not offend someone is absurd! If all speech was palatable to everyone there would be no first amendment. If speech is slanderous that is a different matter. It has never been the case that slander is protected speech but it has always been the case that political and religious spoken communication in America is a God given right!

    You may be reading this and in favor of homosexual marriage. You may think that this is great because you are a homosexual yourself. I warn you that although this law is designed to force all Americans to accept homosexuality as normal, there is a greater point here in this law. The idea is to shut people up. Do you want to be shut up? Do you really want others to not be able to speak their mind because it offends you? Is that what America has come to? The supporters of this bill would have us believe that no preachers will be prosecuted for what they preach. They tell us that hate crimes must be punished and that is what this is about. I for one do not trust the government to interpret the law in any way other than what suits them. They have made a mockery of the constitution with McCain - Finegold legislation and that alone should prove to everyone liberal and conservative that our free political and religious speech is being ripped from us.

    Ask yourself a question. When is a murder not hate? When is pistol whipping an old lady not hate? When is stealing not hate? Are those crimes based in love sometimes? Every crime is hateful. There is no love in crime and therefore every crime is a hate crime. The real reason for “hate crimes” legislation is to intimidate anyone who dares to speak out in a non politically correct way. If a person has a crime committed against them for any reason the criminal should be prosecuted. The idea that you can police the thoughts of people is another matter and should be scary to anyone who values the free exchange of ideas.

    There are so many people who fall for the nonsense of political correctness. If a person does not like what someone says they have the right to counter with their own view. This is not good enough for the left in this country. The want to force their view in the public school system and this is the way they will do it. Whatever they can make law they will. They have a (shall I say it?) religious fervor to their contempt for anyone who holds to traditional values. They complain about preachers like me with a zeal that rivals the greatest old time preachers. While they seek to destroy Christianity they also seek to impose their own religion of politically correct secularist dogma.

    Here are the left’s ten commandments:

    “Thou shall not speak against the liberal world view”

    “Thou shall not think contrary to what the left deems acceptable”

    “Thou shall have no other gods but political correctness

    “Thou shall not raise thy children according to your Christian faith”

    “Thou shall have no school choice for that would curtail indoctrination”

    “Thou shall remember to always speak evil of Christians

    “Thou shall never admit the founding fathers had a Christian world view”

    “Thou shall always have faith in government programs

    ‘Thou shall never claim anything as absolutely true unless it is in keeping with the latest leftist propaganda”

    “Thou shall always worship the mother who kills her unborn child

    The above may be harsh but they are true. This is their agenda and they will not stop until they wreck this nation and destroy any vestige of our heritage. They are after the minds of your children. Wake up people, please! Of all responsibilities given to society, the education of its young is the most important for long-term prosperity. To allow government to indoctrinate children with philosophy contrary to the family is one of the worst usurpations of parental authority. Liberals have no respect for the Christian family and thus they endeavor to fill Christian children with their twisted leftist views. We must all stand against the continued assault on our liberty before it is completely gone. Please make your voice heard against any government attempt to stop freedom of religious and political speech.
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    Marlin thanks for the good read.
    I for one can attest to the fact they are indeed nasty, emotional, and some if not most are lacking in moral values. Sad but true, but the saddest fact is that the education system is mostly controlled by liberals. They teach from emotion and not on facts from our Founding Fathers, it is indeed a sad fact. I’ve seen it, debated it with no emotion on my side but got banned because they couldn’t win the debate? nice

    This goes hand in hand with the other article about a society of sheep that you posted.

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    I wish those weren't true but they are. Thanks for those. I will be sharing them.
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