Terror raids across Melbourne

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    No one knows too much they are after someone associated with Sheik Haron

    a low life who sends letters to the families of our dead troops and says they are rotting in islamic hell and slaves to the jihadists ( seems he thinks jihadists go to hell too !)

    Police today have raided 11 properties across Melbourne and arrested one man over alleged links with homegrown Islamist terrorism.
    Sources said the joint Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police raids, called Operation Astley, were connected with activities at the al Furqan centre in Springvale.
    There were 11 search warrants executed on several properties, mainly in Melbourne's south-east.
    The al Furqan centre, which also hosts a book shop, is associated with fringe Muslim preacher Sheikh Haron, previously known as Harun Mehicevic, who is believed to be overseas.
    "His following is not large but his teachings are very fiery. He's a pretty marginalised figure in the Muslim community," a community source said.
    The source said the people targeted for the operation were not believed to have been involved in a fully realised terror plot, but were involved in ''contemplating and getting information'' about terrorist activities.
    The man who is being held is understood be undergoing police questioning. No charges have been laid.
    Sources said the men targeted were Australian residents who had a mixture of cultural backgrounds.
    It is believed that police will release a statement later tonight about the raids.
    One man whose house was raided in the early hours of this morning condemned the police and intelligence services in a Facebook posting.
    "And look at the tactics. They come early in the morning (6am) and break the door of the markaz and about 20-30 come to the door of my neighbour as well. He (the neighbour) is overseas and has no control over what's happening over here," he wrote.
    "In the house are only his wife and children who have been followed in the house even to the point that one policewomen has to go with them when they change clothes! Also, there are two police cars parked in the front of units to check who is entering and exiting the units! Also, there are brothers living in the nearby house who have also being raided."
    The centre's Facebook page also provided a link to two YouTube videos created by "al Furqan Melbourne" entitled "Exposition of Spying in the Melbourne Muslim community".
    Both include audio of a man named as Abu Talha talking about the recent discovery of a document which he says is a transcript of two men talking about "spying" for ASIO on their centre and a group of colleagues from the Melbourne suburb of Hallam.
    Abu Talha does not name either man. He gives the initials of the man who he says is a Muslim as MH. The documents only name the other man, who he says in the video was the one seeking the information from MH, as "Jay".
    He says the discovery of the document is a gift from Allah and reveals that "there is I would say a spynet of Muslims spying for ASIO, spying for kafir, on Muslims."
    "Without some kind of false humbleness, the discovery of these documents, of this conversation ... is kind of like WikiLeaks.
    "That's how it is to us, because it reveals a lot ... because [it] reminds us of previous attempts of kafir (unbelievers) and munafiqeen (hypocrites) when they plotted against believers."

    It is believed that authorities relied in part on information provided from individuals from Melbourne's Islamic community.
    The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), the official body representing mosque communities, were briefed this afternoon by police.
    "I want to commend police for consulting with community figures," said Ramzi Elsayed, president of the ICV. "We support the police in their community safety endeavours and that the [the operation was] conducted with cultural and religious sensitivity."

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/terror-raids-across-melbourne-20120912-25ser.html#ixzz26FPBdcEw
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    Good for you guys. Here Obama would apologize to him for his letters being delivered late by the post office and not getting there at the time of the funeral.

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