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    Aug 31, 2020
    Just seeing how you load a pic , 9mm AR build

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    I worked, and to make it appear full size instead of the thumbnail view, you would just push that button that says "Full Image" and "Post Reply"!

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    Dec 13, 2018
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    I found that when inserting individual pictures between certain paragraphs or lines of text then when you are done and accidently hit the top "full image under the, "insert every image as" it will duplicate them together at the bottom of that last line.

    So here I am sharing some bit of information and want to show a picture of what I am saying like this. When it is done uploading I hit "full image"

    Then go on to describe another thing in another line of text like so, then again enter another photo and do the same process.

    When I am done and I for some reason be it a misunderstanding or accidentally hit the top "full image" under the "insert every image" option, any photos posted that were separated will be duplicated at the bottom like this. So if you hit reply and don't notice, it will look like you just posted the same photos at the end of the thread with no reason why lol.
    . p51.jpg ph00005473.jpg
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