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I decided to test out some loads for the Les Baer 1911. The only bullets I could get were 185 g, fmj, swc. All the loading manuals I have list Bullseye as one of the powders to use. So the components were Bullseye powder, Hornady 185 g fmj, swc, primers were CCi 300, and the cases were mixed pick up brass.

I loaded 5 rounds each with powder weights of 3.5 g, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5. I shot three round groups from 20 feet using a pistol rest.

The 3.5 g load would not cycle the slide. I had to manually eject each round and the spread was pretty wide. The 4.0, and 4.5 g loads cycled the slide, but also gave a wide spread. The 5.0 g load produced three rounds touching each other. The 5.5 g load was a fairly wide spread again.

The attached picture shows the groups. They are numbered 1 to 5 with 1 being 3.5 g and 5 being 5.5 g. The cross labeled 4 is the 5.0 g group. There is a two shot group in the lower right with one hole. That was fired with the 5.0 g load. The others are a mix of .45 and .40 S&W shots.

Think I will repeat the test with 4, 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5 g just to see if the results are repeatable.

P.S. 5 of the bottom 6 cross were shot with my M&P .40 S&W. Only the very bottom right cross was the .45


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