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    May 1, 2014
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    Just right, cool truck.
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    Thanks Alpo! :bowdown:

    I have to stand my phone 'up-right' in a window sill to get enough signal to have internet or send/receive text messages.

    I turned it sideways and BAM - TWICE the forum! I LOVE IT! :bounce::p:D (I can't stop laughing!) Its like I've been looking at the forum through a 2x pistol scope from 7ft away! (I can't stop laughing!)

    I drove 3 hrs, to Alma, Colorado, to haul rock and being a Firefighter and Gearhead of the 1st order, HAD to stop and get a picture of the Alma Fire Dept. Fire truck!

    Like most of us, I'm sure it's been retired from 'active duty', but standing ready if called upon.... :cool:

    FWIW - I can't believe how much I have learned visiting this section of the forum! It's the 1st time I have stopped by, but won't be my last! :rolleyes:

    Aka S/r
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