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    Here is a short summary of the early history of (TFF).
    The year was 2,000
    On another firearms related website we use to call Brand X, the chat forum was filled with backstabbing, flaming, bashing, swearing, etc. The spineless moderator there had no control over what was going on in the buy, sale, trade forum, or what was being said by the members in the chat room. It was total chaos.

    Tac401 (founder of TFF) shooter45 and a few others had the misfortune of dealing with a bad apple who stole from them (transaction gone bad) when they brought this to the attention of the moderator, he then tried to save face and his job by labeling them "Miscreants" and banded them from Brand X. That moderator had just alienated a whole bunch of "good" members and was left holding the trash bag.

    The Miscreants needed to find or create new website for chat. tac401 (RIP) got up and running in no time, with his own set of strict rules that is more conductive to good behavior and politeness. NO swearing, bashing, backstabbing, etc..

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    JUST PERHAPS, A DATE TO RECALL.... | The Firearms Forum - The ...[/paste:font] › ... › Vietnam Memories Forum
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    When MS/NBC shut down the VIETNAM MEMORIES
    BULLETIN BOARD and I had been the most fervent story teller on board there, JD actually requested my permission to carry the stories on over.. I was flattered and assured him that I'd continue. (END QUOTE)

    A short while later, the moderator at brand X would delete any post that had the word "firearms" In it, apparently thinking the word "Firearms" (code word) would lead what was left of his members over to TFF. This became very frustrating , after all what's up with a gun site where you can't type the topic title. I posted many ingenious threads :cool: just to see them go poof within seconds. :mad:

    A few days after that, i got an e-mail from 280freak in ND, telling me about the new site the Miscreants had created (TFF) and everything that was happening over at Brand X, before I left that chat room, I messed with the mod there by spelling "firearms" wrong :p, (HUH) sweet post wasn't poofed. His binary code was broken by a couple of "dirt farmers". I registered at TFF as member # 19 and ever since avoided that chat room like the plague.

    In 2002 Tac401 needed to switch over from Easy board. I volunteered as a few others did to Copy / Paste every post to a new server. It took many hours of late night work. The whole winter of 02 was spent pasting post's, A job I didn't mind doing, because I was very bitter and wanted a better place where we could just all get along and my post's would not be deleted, less I swear or belittle other members.
    Since then Brand X (*************) has new ownership, and I give them the "benefit of the doubt" But I'm so deeply scared I will never enter that chat room "EVER"

    In a nutshell, TFF was started by a thief and a mod who wouldn't do anything about it. The moderators here at TFF do a great job of controlling any situation that occurs, my hats off to them. So kick back and enjoy this family oriented PG site where you can ask almost anything and someone will be along to give you a professional answer.

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    Well, I slept in for a bit this morning...didn't hit the screen until 3AM. I saw the title of the
    posting so I visited it and haven't left yet to check out the other things...Much of what was
    listed as TFF, I was not aware of...All of these years I have remained with the original
    topic and that being the Vietnam Memories Bulletin is a rare event if I even go
    over to TFF...I was visiting with Lana just a day or two ago about my still having little
    do-dads that JD would send me....and how we would visit on the land line during times and
    hours like now...we'd get to laughing about some of life's fool experiences and the night time
    hours would pass like fleeting moments...I have mentioned before that JD frequently needed
    reassurances that his having not been in the military didn't mean as much as he imagined
    because he supported we who were...When MS/NBC shut down the VIETNAM MEMORIES
    BULLETIN BOARD and I had been the most fervent story teller on board there, JD actually
    requested my permission to carry the stories on over.. I was flattered and assured him that
    I'd continue...Just during this posting did I learn that YSACRES was tagged with doing
    that 'trans-positioning 'of those stories....
    I spend more time on board here than I do with any other folks...just recently I proposed developing something to inform you if I were suddenly to
    drop off the keyboard...I was thinking with all the 'likes' you list me for on things I post
    and tell you, that you may wonder what happened to the Old Chief...Yeah Troops, good
    to let the 'new-be's know about stuff and things and folks...If I were suddenly to start
    yacking about the trigger pull measure of the Mark4 Mod 6 you'd just know it was trash
    talk that I'd researched from some related publication to impress you...It was a fine
    posting...thanks for reminding and informing...may each and every 'newbe' become
    aware of how it was in the beginning....give credit to those in positions of leadership
    and responsibility...let them know how very important they are. Thanks All! Chief

    Yes, there were the good times and the bad...the joyful and the sad...most of all was the
    sudden death of who knew him I am sure, appreciated the friendship and good cheer
    he spread ...I swear, the time I sent JD's ailing sister one of the John's Angels, the friendship
    feelings got so locked in that JD seemed the son or brother to me...Recently you aided and
    assisted former WAC veteran Lana get back on board.. meant a lot to her for she had been
    absent from our midst for an extended time...There was once a former Marine who had
    suffered and was wounded in the renouned Battle of Hue 1967-8...He and I become tight for
    I was just up HWY 1 from him at Dong Ha. I was waiting for M-60...that was his nickname..
    the only one I knew him was just one of those times he'd planned on posting a
    picture of his little daughter he loved so dearly...that sudden absence from the posting was
    like the period at the end sentence of an untold story...M-60 just disappeared..
    God Almighty and I declare that like a prayer...if 60 were to happen to just read these remarks I am now almost tearfully making, and touch up...I'd feel 50 years younger! No, what I've written about the original site where they had me assigned as the Senior Chief Moderator...I never knew the reason for all I ever did, as I am doing now, is jacking my jaws and filling the page..
    TFF is, and has been, a marvelous work and wonder evolution from that which had come
    to pass long ago....Soon, you troopers from the Vietnam War era....if we don't tell these
    stories about that period and time, it will soon pass into history that will be vague and
    meaningless...I tell this same thing to the Seabee vets over on their site called SMUG MUG.
    The fellow Terry that lists daily the recorded events of Seabee History from Vietnam ...if
    any stories are listed to support Terry's postings, I usually an the 'mover & shaker' of
    them...Terry appreciated my input so much he requested my permission to post them in
    3 separate published books of the Seabee History of the Vietnam War...2 of which he has
    sent to me and the 3 is still at the publisher...The story I wrote and titled THE CALENDAR
    Terry hired and artist to draw a picture of the flak jacket exactly the way it was recovered
    from the litter that the wounded Marine was brought into Delta Med on... Chief, you just
    can't do a few lines can you....pretty soon your entire reputation is going to be based on
    lengthy and doubt-trothed words! Chief
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