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    1. NOTE: Spam Of Any Kind Is Not Permitted At This Site. You May Use Links To Provide Helpful Information. No links are allowed in Your Signature Profile. If you want to advertise, make the proper arrangements. Some links are caught by our auto censor. That means they are NOT ALLOWED at TFF. Do NOT attempt to by-pass our system as it's there for a reason and ignoring it could effect your membership. Any And All Non-Commercial Ad Listings Shall Be Permitted In The BUY/SELL/TRADE Section. All Others May Inquire About Banner Ad, And/Or Forum /Store Front Purchases, By Using The Contact Us Link. Personal Attacks, Threats Or ANY Other Type Of Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated Anywhere On This Site.
    Also, Meme's are not allowed. We are not facebook and those belong on social media. Meme's will be removed.
    Bad language will not be tolerated as we are a family forum. If you feel like you have to curse to get your point across do it somewhere else.

    •Complaints about businesses, persons, or transactions unrelated to this site will be deleted.
    TFF Staff Will Remove ANY Such Postings. Offenders Shall Have Their TFF Account / Membership Suspended Or Terminated.
    The Firearms is a PRO 2nd Amendment forum and will NOT tolerate any anti gun postings of any sort.

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