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    Carver, I just wanted to thank you for the 9 mm ammo you donated (and I won) in the March give a way. I got a chance yesterday to get down to the range and shoot some of that ammo in that Glock 19. It performed flawlessly and the bullets went where they were supposed to go, ha. Nice shooting free ammo.

    It was real soggy down there as they had experienced a 4 inch gully washer Thursday night. I have a big gully washed out in front of the shooting bench and a big oak tree was blown down. Lots of maintenance work to do in the coming days.

    Friend Jack came along to try out his new Beretta Model 85, .380 acp. Nice little pistol and it worked great. After a little familiarization he was banging those steel plates at 50 feet pretty regularly. Not bad for a little carry gun. Here are a couple pics. of Jack and the new Beretta.
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