Thank you, veterans, this veteran's Day

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    Thank you, veterans, this veteran's Day
    In Their Memory

    This veteran’s day will (by me) be approached in a very different manner than I have ever approached it before. I’ve always waked up on that day with a sense of reverence to the veterans who have fallen or those that walk on. I have always gotten such strange excitement when I think of their Patriotism, their love for country. I don’t suppose that this feeling has really ever touched my heart like it has this year.

    This year veteran’s day falls on a day filled with rumors of war. It is strange. I can almost hear an echo, a cry from the past. I do not quite understand. A vague feeling of sadness overcomes me, as I think of the men of old and the men of today. The men of old who fought our wars (and the wars of others) with valor and honor. Dying on the battlefield in a swirl of tears and bloodshed so great that the mind could not handle it. These men who, while bullets flew by and grenades exploded so near, could think only of their families, their country. Men whose deeds will echo an eternity as we live in freedom. These men who returned to homes that rejected them; to a country that would not recognize them as the heroes they truly were. They returned to a country where the radicals who opposed war were the heroes. Can you imagine the grief they must have felt, the tears they must have shed, as they heard the jeers of the crowd “Baby Killers!”. They must have wondered why it had even been worth fighting for these people. I can’t even fathom the nights that these men could not sleep for the memories of their comrades dying would flash before their eyes. What about the men who couldn’t even walk, their legs had to be amputated, every time they looked down, they would remember the war, the cries of pain, the sadness, and then the rejection. I shake my head. This is far too grievous, and yet I am so proud of them.

    I am proud of those who died in war, those who were brave and patriotic enough to blaze that awful trail for others to have freedom; for us to have freedom. I am proud of the veterans of the big wars and the veterans of the small ones; the veterans of World War1 and 2 and of Korea and Vietnam. I am proud of the ones who have not yet had their time; the ones who are yet to be veterans. Our brothers, fathers, sons , mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends those who don the uniform of the armed services. The ones who are still proud of God and Country, who still value freedom and family enough to stand for them and fight. I cannot salute them, but I can pray for them. I cannot speak some eloquent words of thanks that they might all hear, but I will whisper a ‘thank you’ that will fly on the wind, and maybe touch their hearts on that day. Thank you for fighting for my freedom, thank you for caring enough about others to fight and die for them. Thank you for standing up for the things that are right. Veterans and soldiers of today, I thank you.


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    Re: Thank you, veterans, this veteran's Day
    Welcome EdeneveandI,

    Thank you for your post on the board and we welcome you.

    I am sure many of us on here thank you for your kind words and as you say, you may not be able to salute the veterans but you can pray for them......I am sure that our troops far from home can use and would appreciate those prayers.

    Thanks for posting and will look forward to your return.


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    Re: Thank you, veterans, this veteran's Day
    To the English family:
    I went back and read your words more than a few times--I pondered, as I often do here in old age, as to the impact of your words and the poingnant wisdom of their meanings. I wondered if the writer, whos gender I don't even know, lived these events related there in those words. We have never exchanged greetings as far as I know---I do not recognize your 'handle'---forgive me if I don't recognize you but allow me to welcome you if you are new here at this site. I ditto the kind words Hope extended to you---I'm Wilborn, the old Navy senior chief---the cranky, mouthy Seabee. Your words certainly 'uncomposed' these early morning hours for me. Please to stay and tell us about you and yours. Wilborn

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    hello again
    I am so thankful that my words were of comfort or a blessing to you all.
    I just wanted to reach out this year, I wanted to touch those who, though i knew so little about- or nothing at that, who mean so much to me. I could never say thank you enough. I was tired of bottling my feelings and searching for a voice. I'm so happy that I was able to say what I felt and that it reached those that I had hoped it would.
    In another veteran's forum they noted that thank yous seem to come more now that war is finally affecting their own lives and families.
    War does change so much.

    There is a lot to know about me, Wilborn. I wish to stay anonymous though. Perhaps I will feel more comfortable one day enough to reveal myself. I would just like to be known as Eden and my words to be known as kind. I will try to 'stick around' though.
    God Bless you all,

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    Re: hello again
    I would like to add my welcome to you Eden. My son and son-in-law are both in the Navy. One is out to sea and will return shortly and the other is preparing to go out. Your prayers for our military are greatly appreciated. I'm not very good at putting my feelings into words as some here are. So I will just say a simple thank you.

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