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    To All Vietnam Vets,

    Hello, My name is Andrew and I am a 17 year old kid, I dont mean to be bothering.... but I just want to say... Thanks Alot....Thank you for everything, For defending our country in the time they asked.. For risking your lives for the people of this nation, Through out my short life, i have known quite a few Vietnam vets, Through Family and just through Friendship... I know what you have gone through, Not as well but i know, the Hardships and the hurt..... I just want to thank you for everything... You all are true heros in my mind and always will. May God Bless you all....

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    For so young of man Andrew, you are indeed gracious. Often little enough is said for the Veterans and sometimes when it is, those remarks are not always kind and courteous. Thank you and welcome aboard.
    If you linger here, so many of us will tell you l of our experiences. We should never let anyone forget that many of us who have been to the 'line in the sand', pray daily that our own children and grandchilden don't have to go to the mark. It is said that you wouldn't pay a dime to go back, but you wouldn't sell for a million bucks your experiences of having gone. Wilborn sends.

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    Thanks so much for the thoughts, so many of your generation know nothing about what went on in the nam. Stick around and you may learn something new, and also be able to contribute.
    Thanks for thinking of us and for taking the time to let us know you were.


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    Hello Andrew,

    I am of the female type vet, a WAC. I spent a year tour of duty in Vietnam. I was not in the field like my male counterparts, I was in what you would call a BIG office.

    I happen to refer to your Pers. Profile. Andrew, for a young man of your age to take it upon himself to want to learn and especially come here and personally thank us vets for what we did, I want to Thank You for taking time out to tell us so.

    You are an inspiration to your generation and there should be many more just like you.

    If you know of any other Vietnam Vets or otherwise that would like to come and visit us, please feel free to invite them. You are all welcome.

    Thank You Andrew, will be looking forward to seeing you again and if we can answer any questions for you, please feel free to ask away.


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    Andrew there is much here to read and if you have any questions just ask away.

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    Re: QuIkSiLvErSk8Er
    Welcome Aboard Andrew!

    Hope you will join us as often as you like!
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    Wow, how wonderful is this?!?!

    Andrew... beautiful words!

    I'm Christine (Winter), another member here - not a Vet, actually just turned 25.

    This is a GREAT place to learn and experience. The people here are all wonderful and I know personally that you will learn so much from them. I've laughed, I've cried, I've screamed with all of 'em and I can honestly say that my life has changed so much since I first happened upon this board.

    Stick around...

    (PS - I noticed in your profile you're from "strong island", would that be Staten Island? - I was born there! I now live in Brooklyn! - Just thought that was insteresting!)

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    a Welcome
    Welcome to you Quick and I agree with the Chief on the maturity of such a young man. It is good to see one so young that is appreciative of the Veterans sacrifices down thru the years.

    I say Good Deal to ya Quick!

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    Re: a Welcome
    Your youth and kind words have brought tears to this old vet. I thank you for your time and kindness. Hope to see you post and join in on some of our little stories.
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