thats alot of kids

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  1. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    There is no way he can provide for all these kids i dont care what kind of job you have.
    Your tax dollar hard at work.

    the whole story here

    Larry Luther didn’t see the Facebook post by a Terrebonne Parish child-support hearing officer about a barroom bouncer appearing before him who has 23 children and “too much time on his hands.”

    But people who read a Courier and Daily Comet story containing questions about the posting’s propriety had little trouble determining who the posting was about and called Luther to tell him.

    Now the 41-year-old grandfather says he is preparing to file a Louisiana Judiciary Commission complaint against the hearing officer, William Dunckelman.

    “I am waiting on the papers in the mail,” Luther said Friday night. “I am doing it for future purposes, for people in the future so that their things will be privately handled and what is in court stays in court.”

    Dunckelman has de-activated the Facebook page that includes the post, which never mentioned Luther by name but which judicial-ethics experts say likely crossed acceptable lines of conduct such judges are obligated by law to uphold.

    “Just had a fellow leave child support court. He works as a bouncer and has twenty-three (23) children!,” the post reads. “Of course he gets paid cash and thus pays no (0) taxes. I think he needs another job as he has way too much time on his hands! What do you think?”

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  2. ponycar17

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    Why would ANYONE be so stupid as to give this guy in particular (23 kids and all) a reason to potentially sue? That's moronic!

  3. Shooter45

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    If he sues and wins, he most likely,won't get a cent of the money. It will all go to back child support payments and he may even have to pay more for each child with his "new found wealth". It was wrong to put that info on facebook imho, but would an honest judge actually rule in favor of his case ??:rolleyes:

    I'll bet he's in a state of confussion on Fathers Day.:eek: Wonder if he even knows the names of all 23 kids ??

    Ah, the leasurely life of a "Baby Daddy". This deadbeat and his illegitimite children are costing the tax payers thousands per year.:mad:
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