That's an interesting fact Louis!

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    Nov 1, 2009
    Milford, Delaware
    So it’s a Saturday night. Not a bad night, no rain, no thunder, or lightening, little bit of a breeze, and the temp is right around 78. But the skeeters are out and I didn’t feel like spraying down and doing a camp fire. You see, I live in the country, and I can not only go in my back yard and have a bonfire, I can shoot my bow, or rifle, or handgun, or anything else I want to shoot. Now, I do have a neighbor in her 80’s who hasn’t been feeling well, so I haven’t been shooting anything loud early morning or late at night. Her house is about a hundred yards away, but still, sound travels out here.

    We have a 14’ kids pool out back, you know, the kind you can step in and out of, and it has enough water for the misses and I to float around in and cool off. Well today it was kind of chilly so that’s out for tonight. Plus did I mention the skeeters?

    So I’m sitting here with my 15 year old yellow lab Ms. Daisy. She is doing what she does best, sleeping and smelling bad. (Tomorrow, no matter how chilly the water, she gets a bath.) And I thought why don’t I watch some TV. I am paying over a hundred dollars a month for cable and internet.

    So I put on the TV. I get over 200 channels. Sooooo, here is a story about two gay guys arguing. (Don’t care if you are gay, don’t want to watch you being gay.) Okay, someone trying to sell rich people homes. Someone preaching. Someone fighting. Someone kissing a snake. Someone arguing. Someone fighting.. Drunken kids. Drunken adults. Stock market. Spanish language show. Here’s a person with a house full of crap. Here’s a child being mistreated. Lesbians. Gays and lesbian clothing designers. An old musician living with his rotten family. Lets go back and see the guy kissing the snake…Oh, crap it was a commercial for condoms. GREAT! An outdoor show, they are hunting geese, right after the commercial… no this commercial… next one… next…. Newsbreak. Bad news…. Commercial.. Crap I missed the hunt, now they are talking about the next show. Okay next channel…. Down on the ground!!! Okay, Cops! After this commercial… then this one…
    Okay where’s the bug spray. I’m going to have a bonfire. I HAVE TWO HUNDRED CHANNELS OF CRAP!!!! I’v never seen so much junk TV in my life. I’m thinking about watching baseball again. Even if I have to listen to the announcers. “you know Bill in 1988 this team had the fewest fans hit with foul balls. Why that’s an interesting fact Louis!” ARGGHGGHHH!
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    I know the feeling. We have about eleventy billion hi-def channels, and I watch of them. Local channel for local news only, FOX (so long as Bob Beckel, Alan Comes, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Bill O'Rielly, or Sean Hannity isn't on...come to think of it, I really don't watch this channel since GB left), CNBC, Nat Geo (when it's not about sex or gays), Discovery (when it's not about sex or gays), The History Channel (when it's not about sex or gays), and The Military Channel.

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    Apr 10, 2011
    When my daughter left for college I had the sat tv disconnected! I, on a very rare acation watch the local news. I live way out in the Oklahoma sticks and basically do as I want when I want. My closest neighbors try to guess if I've changed cailbers sometimes, but they never complain. They know if something happens around here I'm just a phone call away. By the way it's still 95 degrees here tonight, so the bon fire is out. But on a good side I don't have any skeeters! :D
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