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the amazing sog flash 2

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A few months ago i picked up a sog flash 2 for about 80 dollars and cant stop raving about it. It has a wicked edge out of the box it shaved hair off my arm no problem with its 3.5 inch aus 8 drop point blade. it also holds an edge very well the only thing with aus 8 is it can be pron to rust but i never had a problem. The handle is made of excuse my spelling "zytel" with a total weight of only 3.1 oz for this tactical blade. Mine is in a plain edge the combo edge has very agresave serrations and tear more than cut. They use there sog assisted technology witch is opposing high tension springs to open the blade. And need i ad that they cryo treat there blades.

For the money i think that this a 9/10 blade great job S.O.G
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i wont tell you what i sell em for , but yeah they are a ok knife
i just think for any knife under 100 dollars it is hard to find value like this in an Americana knife. and if you sell them for cheep i might buy one or 2 more in digital and tiger stripe.
save the postage and buy local

$39 on amazon and $49 from REI
thanks but now i feel like i got riped
no you just bought after release so they charge full book ( RRP) which was $109 or similar)

its the same as car spare parts , new models charge a fortune , a while on and they get cheaper

bleeding edge is always expencive , you probably had yours way before most folks

but if you can resist and wait you'll save on most items

look at those segway things $12,000 when they first came out and now less than $5 K so folks now are paying half what the mythbusters did

thats life my friend

( they do it with guns too , sucks eh cause that where i get stung often ;) )
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the thing is i got it in September the blade came out many years ago with minor improvements about a year ago they took off .4 oz and added a ark lock style lock
and its a new model then right ..

sorry but its the same with most things

its sucky but thats the facts

i paid $11 k a barret sold it for $5k as new they are now $8K

$6K down the tubes in 22 months , but i was first here with one ;)

and wish i still had it

bleeding edge

someones bleeding somewhere ..
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I got one about a year or so ago and its still kicking... well cutting i guess. Im thinking it will be a great knife till i lose it or it get taken from me.
I make knives. I design knives. I'm a cutler, and a damned good one.
I carry a Flash-the older model. I convert them to autos.
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