the aurora killer and the warning he sent that no one opened

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    the guy now admits to sending out warnings via post and online , the online ones are all removed but i did post some screen grabs here

    not one person took his threats serious as he only told lefties ...

    Batman shooter James Holmes sent chilling warning

    THE man accused of killing a dozen people at a Colorado cinema sent a chilling warning of his plans in a parcel which sat unopened in a university mailroom, Fox News has reported.

    The package contained a notebook "full of details about how he was going to kill people" and appeared to have arrived more than a week before Friday's mass shooting, an unnamed law enforcement source told the network's website.

    It's not clear why the package was never delivered nor whether it actually arrived in time to potentially prevent the massacre, which also left 58 people wounded.

    A second law enforcement source quoted by said they were unable to confirm that the package had arrived prior to the massacre. The first source said it had arrived on July 12, but did not say why it was not delivered.

    It was addressed to a psychiatrist who is also a professor at the University of Colorado, where James Holmes was a graduate student.

    The spiral-bound notebook was discovered on Monday after the psychiatrist received a package he feared had come from Holmes and police searched the mailroom for suspicious packages.

    "There were drawings of what he was going to do in it - drawings and illustrations of the massacre," an unnamed law enforcement source told the website.

    Among the drawings were some of gun-wielding stick figures shooting other stick figures.

    Officials believe Holmes, 24, meticulously planned his attack on the first midnight showing of the hit movie The Dark Knight Rises in a cinema in Aurora, outside Denver.
    The gunman emerged from a fire exit on Friday shortly after the film began and threw two canisters of noxious gas into the auditorium.

    After firing one round directly into the air with a pump-action shotgun, he began shooting people at random with a military-style assault rifle that could dispatch 50 to 60 rounds a minute, witnesses said.

    Authorities said Mr Holmes had painted his hair reddish orange and claimed he was the Joker, Batman's sworn enemy in the comic book series that inspired the movie.

    According to reports and at least one witness, he might have killed more people had his assault rifle not jammed.

    Holmes gave himself up outside the cinema, still clad in the body armour witnesses described the gunman wearing.

    Police said on Sunday they had found Holmes's computer inside his booby-trapped apartment - rigged to kill anyone who entered - which could provide crucial details about how he planned and executed the attack.

    Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reported that Holmes had allegedly asked a stunned jail worker how the Batman film ends.
    He "was trying to look like he was sincerely curious," a person who witnessed the bizarre incident in the jail's infirmary on Tuesday told the paper.

    "Like he had no idea why there was anything wrong with what he was saying. It was sick ... I think he's trying real hard to act crazy."

    His eyes glazed and his voice flat, Mr Holmes reportedly asked a jail worker "Did you see the movie?" and then "How does it end?"

    He repeated the question when the worker ignored him.

    "If he said that to me, it would have been real hard to resist smacking him," the unnamed witness told the paper.

    Yesterday the first funeral was held in the wake of the mass shooting.

    Gordon Cowden, 51, was the oldest of the victims of Friday's rampage at a sold-out showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" packed mostly with young people.

    He had gone to the movie with his teenage children, who escaped unharmed.

    "A quick-witted world traveller with a keen sense of humour, he will be remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying his best to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle," his family said in a statement.

    A native of Waco, Texas, Mr Cowden lived in Aurora, where he owned his own real estate appraisal business.

    The family statement described Mr Cowden as a "true Texas gentleman."
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    That is exactly what I was thinking.

    Death sentence for this mass murderer.

  3. jstgsn

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    Hmmm, working in mind controll experiments and getting federal money.
    Wait, Fast and Furious didn't work.
    So, it's odd that this genious, working on mind controll experiments with gov. money, suddenly goes bonkers and creates a trajedy that the gun control freaks can flaunt, just before the UN vote on universal gun restrictions.
    To be honest with you, nothing would surprise me with the organized crime group currently running the country.
  4. bakerconch

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    This has to be tortuous to the victims families.
  5. jbmid1

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    I've been having similar thoughts. Google Colorado Shooting conspiracy you'll find alot of others who are questioning the narrative.
    I found this one, but it disappears from the screen as soon as I pull it up now.
    I couldn't access the audio either, but it shows a timeline from the police audio. 20 min. after they mention two suspects escaping. Four hours after they find aperson dead in a white Kia (Holmes owned a white Kia.
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