The Baghdad Deal

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    Jun 27, 2001
    No one will know what really happened in this war until a number of crucial questions are answered. And Iraqis are not expecting these answers to be spelled out by the Americans.

    How did American forces manage to storm into and take over Baghdad with practically no resistance? In Basra, which is much smaller and which was relatively lightly defended, there was no pro-Anglo-American uprising, and the city took three weeks to be subdued.

    What happened to the 20,000-strong, well-equipped Special Republican Guards, charged with the defense of Baghdad? Where did they melt away to?

    How come there was no coordination between the Ba'ath Party-Republican Guard defense of Baghdad and the jihadis who poured in from Syria, Algeria, Yemen and Egypt to help?

    How come the Republican and Special Republican Guards did not destroy a single bridge in Baghdad - an effective tactic to delay the American invasion?

    How did the entire Iraqi cabinet manage to escape? This includes Saddam and his sons, Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan, Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, Dr A K Hashimi (Saddam's personal adviser), the ministers of defense, economy, trade and health and the unforgettable, insult-laden Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf of the information ministry.

    Similarly, how did the vast majority of the Ba'ath Party leadership and the Republican Guard evade capture or surrender?

    What happened to the infrastructure of the regime - the bulk of the estimated 500,000 elite?

    What has happened to Saddam? Is he still in Iraq, in Taramiya, not far from Tikrit, or in Mecca, as per wild speculation in the Arab world?

    Why were the oil fields in northern and southern Iraq not set on fire - a tactic already used by Saddam in Kuwait in 1991?

    Where are Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction - the official reason for the war?
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