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    I'm not sure who made it to the beach and who didn't, but I was on another web site looking at pictures of china beach. If you knew nothing about Vietnam they would make great vacation brochure pictures. There is just one odd thing. No women. There is a gorgeous beach with hundreds of people and they are all young guys. If you look from far away you don't really notice... it's the close ups of the guys digging in the sand and wading in the water. I know why there aren't many/any women there, but it still looks funny.
    Just an observation.

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    A very astute observation---I must tell you that young men going to a white sand beach without young women going also, is NO FUN---the sand at China Beach was like granulated sugar---to rate it with some of the finest beaches of the world, CB would win hands down. I wonder what it is like today. Wilborn

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    Never had the opportunity to go there although I heard it was somewhat of a mini resort. Some had the opportunity to enjoy a little In Country R&R there. About as close as I got to "the beach" was when I was being meidivaced out of the country where I layed on blood soaked stretcher at NSA near Marble Mountain awaiting airlift back to a stateside hospital. Rekon my trip itinerary did'nt include a stop off at the "the beach" but I truly did enjoy lying in the rice paddy waters all night long with the leeches ..... Only bad part of that was there was no pretty barmaids bringin' me a Pina' Colada although if my memory serves me correctly I did think about that now and then in between duckin' a few bullets headed my way. Six Out!

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    HHMM - a beach full of young, half naked men... who've been away from women for a long time.... sounds like a dream to me!!!!!

    But, uh, Six.... sorry but "the beach" kinda beats your rice paddy with leeches... but, that's just my opinion of course!!!

    As for that pina colada... when do ya want it!! (hehehehe)