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The Boom Boom Lounge Pt.4
Copied this post by Homer over from Part 3. Indybear

Blowing dust from the glass his finger tip slides across the buttons stopping at H1...with a
begins to click, whirl and whine.

Indy leans back against the bar, tilts the last bit of suds to his lips, reaches into the large chest full of ice removing two and hands them to Phil who pops their caps. The music bursts forth!!!... driving the Dapper down the front of the sloped glass to a jittery heap upon the floor. Looking left he finds Stan disappearing behind the cigarette machine in a blur. The machine rattles nervously.

Mike, Larry and Phil guffaw aloud!... slapping their legs repeatedly! Huge nervous eyes peak out from the piles of quivering cloth...
...more guffaws!
...the eyes narrow.

Each pile of clothes rise, shrug the startle out, push back frightened hair and stride towards the culprits.
"Now! Now! Guys!" "Just some fun is all!"
"Here!, have a cold one Dave!" "Stan!""

"Dang you guys!" "Scared the sh!t out of us!", reaching for, then slugging down the cold brews.

"I think I got the Acme Super Sooper 4 in 1 Micro Camera with Auto-Roto Sensor Magna Vision and Night Vision capbilities with a 14 day money back guarantee all ready in the back room Fellas, Homer remarks striding up and reaching into the ice chest. If Mitherstan the Computer Man can get it wired to the computer that Dave and Mike secretly installed in the 'One Armed Bandit' machine awhile back we should be in business".

"Yeah!, some dustin and moppin should get The Lounge back in shape again", says Larry
"Won't take long" adds Phil "The gals sure will be impressed, along with the FNG's.

"Will you look at that Foos Ball table...what a mess!", Mike exclaimed.
They groan...

...and two hard boiled eggs.

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