The Carter Legacy

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    The Carter Legacy

    The Fifth Column Mark Silverberg
    September 7, 2006

    Thirty years after Jimmy Carter bounced onto the world stage as the leader of the Free World's most powerful democracy, it is increasingly apparent that he still doesn't know what went wrong. During his four years in the White House, the former President presided over the worst economic downturn since World War II establishing what has come to be known as "the misery index", allowed a bunch of Iranian thugs to seize our embassy and citizens without serious consequences and supported dictators and despots around the world all the while proclaiming himself as the "human rights" president. During his tenure, he presided over a dramatic Soviet military buildup, the stagnation of the American armed forces (especially our intelligence capabilities), and a dramatic expansion of Soviet influence in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, southern Africa, and the Caribbean. In each of those countries and regions, his administration not only failed to prevent the undesired outcome, but was an active collaborator in the replacement of moderate autocrats friendly to American interests with autocrats considerably less so. Yet, bad as he was as a President, he continues to be far worse as an ex-president. A political neophyte when it came to conducting domestic and foreign affairs, Carter was and continues to be way out of his depth.

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    :) but he made some great peanut butter sandwiches:eek:

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