The cover up continues .. everything is fine ...

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    after every story involving islam was pulled off all the Australian news web sites today they are back!! cleaned up and mentioning very little ... The cover up continues ..

    HAMILTON Secondary College is reeling from a second attack days after a teacher was bashed on school grounds.

    The 56-year-old teacher was taken to hospital on Tuesday suffering head injuries after he was punched several times by a student from another school who was asked to leave. ( they dont say which school but here it is )

    It came just six days after a 14-year-old student was beaten so badly his spleen ruptured. ( he was beaten for having salami sandwishes which offended the other student )

    The teacher was taken by ambulance to Flinders Medical Centre where he was treated for a burst blood vessel in his eye and cuts to his left cheek.

    Principal Peter Mader said the school called police immediately.

    "Such events in recent days are obviously of great concern and are completely out of character for the college, which is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students," he said.

    SA Police are investigating the assault, and arrested a 16-year-old Dover Gardens youth on Thursday night.

    He has been charged with assault causing harm and trespass.

    He was released on strict bail conditions which included a ban on approaching the school or the teacher involved in the incident.

    The teacher assault followed an attack on Year 8 student Callen Wade who was allegedly kicked and stomped on in the school yard at recess by another student, leaving him in intensive care with a ruptured spleen. Australian Education Union (SA) president Correna Haythorpe said she believed the school managed the teacher assault appropriately.

    "Staff and students are entitled to a safe working and learning environment, and the department must ensure that schools are provided with the resources and training to manage crisis situations," she said.

    The Sunday Mail revealed last week the school had failed to contact police after Callen was injured, instead leaving it to Callen's older brother once he was at hospital. ( reporting a crime against a muslim often results in revenge attacks against those who report )

    Callen's mother Rae Wade told how her son had been bullied while he had been at the school, but her queries about moving him to another school had apparently been refused.

    A spokesman for the school said ambulances had been called to the school on only two other occasions this year, both for "ordinary, health-related matters". ( yeah yeah sure sure )
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