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    The cross at Ground Zero was formed when falling buildings mashed two pieces of strucural metal together. Pretty close to an "Act of God," in my book. I wonder if the atheists have given thought to suing Austrailia over the constellation "Southern Cross."

    This came from NewsMax:
    Dear Conservative Friend,

    This is one e-mail that you NEED to forward to ALL of your contacts, across the country and around the world. We MUST NOT let the travesty below take place.

    According to a recent article, with the upcoming 2-year anniversary of the deadly 9/11 attacks, "an atheist organization is once again warning against using a steel-beam cross at the site of the World Trade Center disaster from being used in a permanent memorial to the victims who died there."

    The organization American Atheists (founded by the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair) is protesting a proposal to use a large steel cross found in the rubble of the World Trade Center in a memorial to victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    We all remember that cross. A construction worker came across it in the midst of the WTC wreckage just a few days after the attacks. It was standing straight, 20-feet high, surrounded by many smaller crosses. After it was discovered, construction workers, firefighters, police officers and family members began holding weekly Sunday services at the site.

    The names of fallen police officers and firefighters were also scribbled on the cross, along with the message "God Bless Our Fallen Brothers".

    And now, this group of atheists is threatening a lawsuit to prevent the cross from becoming part of any permanent memorial.

    You and I can help to stop their assault by signing's online petition.

    ACTION ITEM: The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the agency overseeing the rebuilding of the area, has made no decisions on what a Ground Zero memorial would include. There's still time for hundreds of thousands of people to voice their opinion, that the "Ground Zero Cross" should remain as part of any future memorial to the WTC victims.

    Go to our site below to sign the "Ground Zero Cross" petition NOW:
    <a href=""> AOL GO HERE </a>

    NOTE: In order to have an impact on the folks at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, we need HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of signers, from across America and all over the world, on this petition, which we will present to the agency. Be sure to forward this e-mail to everyone you know who wants to help. STOP the atheists from blocking this powerful symbol of healing after disaster.
    Thank you!
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    pops -

    Signed the petition, then sniped the post and posted it at The Conservatives

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    Thanks, Ruffitt. I keep forgetting to get over there. It's all I can do to keep up here, these days. Next month, you guys will have to put up with me allllll day. :D

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