The Fall - a different perspective

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    After reading all the past posts, I see that several of you are interested in just what happend during the fall of S. Vietnam. I have a very interesting email exchange written by a South Vietnamese sailor who was a Swift Boat gunner on the island of An Thoi during the actual fall. If you are interested, I'll cut and paste it to this forum. It is rather lengthy -- should I cut it into more than one post?? I think all of you will enjoy the read. It goes into some of the executions, the attitude toward the U.S. and S. Vietnamese government officials and the frustrations of the troops. I'll wait for some guidance before posting.
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    Yes Larry--I would be interested in seeing it. You may want to split it up as I had to several of my stories I posted that was lengthy--be looking fwd. to reading what you have. Thank you.. wilborn

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    Ditto what Wilborn said. And please do make it more than one post. That makes it easier of those of us who read the board when we're supposed to be working.

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    Same-same here Larry!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.
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