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  1. aryfrosty

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Huntsville, Alabama
    Taurus didn't stay outgunned for long. They now produce the "Raging Judge" in 28 gauge. I have a Judge ultra light and I like it as a snake gun. I have plenty others I trust for CCW.
  2. Boris

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    Oct 1, 2010
    I bet the S&W version can shoot 45 GAP in them same moonclips. So its really a 4 cartridge pistol. For people like me with a good stock of 45GAP that makes it look even better, but I allready have plenty of 45 Colt too. They just dont make HST in 45 Colt though.........

    My 410, 45 Colt pistol is a 10" barrel singleshot Super Comanche though and it has an honest fullchoke straight rifled choke I can put in it. The freaking pattern is as tight as my 410 shotguns at 25 yards. I take more than alot of game with it...........

  3. focusmaniaczx3

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    Nov 16, 2009
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    i have a solution! rifled CYLINDER! :eek:

    in all seriousness though ive hunted with my 6in judge several times and ive dropped my deer every time i fired a round. i dont have the steadiest hands in the world by any stretch but i can manage 4 inch groups fairly often from 25 yards with the judge with my usual group being dinner plate size from that range. i can get a little better than that with the old G21 but that's only because i cheat with the laser. i imagine the accuracy of MINE can be entirely attributed to the barrel length and that the shorter versions would be garbage but that can be said for any short barreled revolver.
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