The H & R Bull Dog 32 Rim Fire Question

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  1. pooch602000

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    May 7, 2009
    The revolver I have is nickel plated, blue trigger guard, color case hardened trigger & hammer. Serial #35492 on bottom of grip strap. Top of frame: The H & R Bull Dog, left side of 2-3/8" oct. barrel: H & R ARMS COMPANY, WORCHESTER, MASS. U.S.A., below that: 32 RIM FIRE. It also has an R on the face of the cylinder. Can anyone provide info on this revolver. Thanks
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    assuming this is a six shot revolver it is a variant of the american double action second model. there was also a version called young american bull dog. it was a small frame chambered for 5 cartridges. the serial number of 35492 would suggest this is an early second model most likely manufactured before 1909.

    (SMOKELESS POWDER) ----------------------------------1905-1941
    32 caliber 6 shot, 38 caliber 5 shot, 44 caliber 5 shot, pull pin cylinder release, calibers and barrel lengths are the same as first model, 44 Webley caliber discontinued in 1921, nickel finish, blue optional. Difference between First Model and Second Model is the caliber Markings on the left side of the barrel. After 1930 this model was listed in catalogs as; AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION No. 60 .32 Caliber 6 shot and AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION No. 65 .38 Caliber 5 shot
    100%=$225 60%= $75 For all American Double Action Second Models add 15% premium for blue finish and 10% for 4 ½” or 6” barrel

    H&R BULLDOG SECOND MODEL LARGE FRAME ---------------------1905-1923
    32 Rimfire 6 shot, 38 Rimfire 5 shot (Variation of American Double Action Second Model Marked on top strap “THE H&R BULL DOG”
    VALUE: 100%=$235 60%=$85


  3. pooch602000

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    May 7, 2009
    Your right, it is a six shot large frame. Your info is interesting and appreciated by me. Thanks much,
    B. R.
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